Do You Recognize This Blogging Icon's Home?

Does this look familiar?

Have you figured out who she is yet?

Many of us "veteran bloggers" cut our teeth on this whimsical and colorful blog.

Some of you may never have heard of her. For she stopped posting on this blog in 2011.

She began it in 2006. September 2006 in fact.

She was legendary in the home and garden genre of blogging. She took gorgeous photos, and we hung on every color-filled one.

In case you haven't guessed by now, which means you are a fairly new blogger, she is Kim of Dear Daisy Cottage.

I can't really put my finger on it, but she had a way of taking photos at all angles that mesmerized us.

She could take a photo of a bowl of cereal and it looked magical.

I told myself I'd just grab a few of her photos to spotlight. 

But her blog is kind of like a bag of potato chips. You can't stop at just one. 

So I just kept digging farther and farther into her posts. 

Kim was a blogging icon back in those days. She showed us that color was to be embraced.

And embrace it we did. Those of us that are lovers of color.

Thanks Kim, for being at the forefront of colorful blogs. We miss you.

Wherever you are, whatever you've chosen to do, we bloggers that followed your every post will never forget what you taught us, even though you probably weren't trying to. 

Color is magical. The gift that keeps on giving.  

And we thank you for helping us learn that.


  1. Yes, I recognized "Dear Daisy Cottage"! I'm so happy you shared it with us! It was always a treat to visit...

  2. I found her blog in 2009, one of the first I followed. I can still hear the music that accompanied her posts! I think she inspired a lot of us to start our own blogs, or at least change things in our own homes. She definitely made her mark in the blogging world.

  3. I recognized these photos right away! This was one of my favorite blogs. I wish she had've kept up with it.

  4. She has a new blog titled "Imagery By Kimberly". She has a link to it on her last post on her "Dear Daisy Cottage" blog. It is a wonderful blog as well, full of all kinds of beautiful photography.

  5. Oh, Brenda. Oh my goodness. One visit and I'm so inspired to take my photography to the next level. She's amazing. Glad she's still posting at the Imagery site, that helps. Meanwhile later today I'm going to start reading back through her entire blog, something I love to do when I discover a new (to me) blog that really excites me.


  6. Oh yes! I still miss here every day!

  7. Kim is here--she has more of a photography blog now

  8. She was an icon, I still have some of her home tours bookmarked.

  9. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Her photography blog is very special as well....but I loved that Daisy Cottage.

  10. Kimberly's blog was one of the first I stumbled upon, and I do mean stumbled, as I had not even heard of decorating blogs at that point and when I came across this charmer, I was smitten, seriously, and completely, smitten. I read every one of her posts, starting from the most recent at that time, to the beginnings, and had many marathon days, when I had time to myself, to indulge in her vision and 'joie de vivre' vibrancy of life's beautiful images, and her flare for capturing them with the clarity of her passion.

    Thanks for sharing her extraordinary photography and talent.



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