Happy Harris & Her Colorful Caravan

Many of you are already familiar with the very colourful (they always add the "u", so today we shall too) Happy Harris from Happy Loves Rosie. This girl is colour happy!

Let me introduce you to her vintage caravan. Here we call them vintage trailers. But I think vintage caravans sounds much more appealing. This is her 1952 Vintage Holivan.

She lives in Rochester, United Kingdom. She has a daughter, Rosie. Hence, Happy Loves Rosie.

Happy Harris also makes colourful blog headers for folks. I think Happy follows colour and colour follows her around. Which means she is a veritable magnet for colour!

Oh, can you imagine this sweet caravan with white geraniums growing right outside? How divine.

As you can tell, Happy is full of whimsy and delight. I doubt she's ever boring.

Here are a few tidbits about Happy Harris...

Can't stand....Turkish Delight...The colour purple, Liver, egg mixed with beans (the first meal Freddy cooked for me! Yuk!) Hyprocrits, Raspberries, red currents or blackberries...any pippy fruit really.....Greed!....Bad tattoos!

However I do like....lindt lindor....bright colours, calzones at the Isis Restaurant...happy people...Sailor Jerry Tattoos...whimsy collectables....feet, french enamel....staying up all night!....drum and base (not all just certain tunes with a good beat)...1950's and 1960's fashion and design...and Rockabilly gals and guys!

You can visit Happy Loves Rosie at www.happylovesrosie.com


  1. Brenda, I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring each of the delightful blogs you have posted. Such a wide variety of styles! I love them all...

  2. I don't know how I missed this post.

    I am happy your introduced me to Happy and her caravan - what fun!


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