Homemaker Cherry Menlove

Have you ever read the blog Cherry Menlove? That is her book above. She is a true homemaker, through and through. And proud of it.

This is her "book nook."

She says she likes her books the colors of jewels. Except she spells it colours.

She takes the book nook outdoors in the summertime.

She manages to do a lot. She is married and has young twins. They are darling! And she teaches online cupcake classes and writes books and is just a whir of activity. 

Here is an interview with Cherry Menlove by Recipes From A Normal Mum.

This week it’s Cherry Menlove. Now I was a reader of Cherry’s blog before she became a blogging pal. I used to salivate over her house whilst I tried to block out the boxes sitting in our hallway still not unpacked 3 years after moving from London. Yes, she’s the UK’s answer to Martha Stewart and she even has a shop. She’s warm, she’s friendly and she’s full of love. If there’s any blogger’s house I’d like to be a guest at, Cherry’s it would be.
What’s your name? Cherry Menlove

Where do you come from? I am currently living in beautiful West Sussex and will live here forever.

How old are you? 38
What’s your educational background? Did you leave school at 16 or finish with a PhD? I studied classical theatre and gained my degree from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama

What’s your blog called? cherrymenlove.com

When was your blog born? The first version was 2006 and this version was 2009

Sum your blog up in one sentence: Homemaking with a Homewares shop attached.

Why did you start your blog, where did you think it would lead? I started it as I was slightly bereft of something creative to do in my life at the time. I had no idea at that time it would lead to all that it has.

Name 3 blogs you like: Yvestown, Brene Brown & Kelle Hampton

What’s your most popular blog post? There’s been quite a bit of drama over the last couple of years so the posts where I write about the birth of my twins, my husbands illness and moving house (again and again) are always popular.

How often do you check your blog stats, truthfully?!  Every few months, if that. I literally don’t care any more. It was driving me mad.

What’s your biggest kitchen disaster? Serving a turkey upside down one Christmas many moons ago. We still managed to feed 12.

What’s your advice to fledgling bloggers? Find your niche and perfect it.

Is there anything you’d have done differently? Yes, but I’d probably be sued.

Blogging high? When I know I’ve helped somebody.

Blogging low? Not knowing who is out there. It gets lonely writing out in to a vacuum.

Who inspires you? My kids, my husband and my surroundings.

Do you have a day job? My kids are my career.

What keeps you awake at night? Thinking of my kids shutting their fingers in a door. I know, you don’t have to tell me how stupid that sounds.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? On the school run and very happy.

What would be your 3 desert island items? My son, my daughter and my husband. Oh, I’m not allowed them. OK, my spotify account, my kindle and my pillow.

What advice would you give to your schoolgirl/boy self? Be confident. 


She makes cushions. We of course call them pillows.

She sews aprons to wear when she works out in her garden.

I have been reading her blog on and off ever since I first started reading blogs.

She has really evolved, both personally and business-wise. 

Treat yourself to an afternoon of exploring the blog and online shop of Cherry Menlove.

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