House Plants In Winter

See this beautiful specimen? It is my Christmas present to myself. I wanted a red Bromeliad.

I had to do my weekly errand/grocery run, so I stopped in at Lowes. That's where I got the yellow one.

And it's still as beautiful as the day I brought it home a few months ago. Haven't done a thing to it.

I simply cannot go through the dark gray days of winter without plants. These are all in my living room.

You've got to remember to check the soil every three or four days. I let this peace lily go over a week and it was wilting. The overhead central heat dries them out quickly. My method is to stick my finger in the soil up to my knuckle. If it's dry, water.

I use to be bad about over-watering. But now I'm very careful. Because you know that Charlie Ross is deathly afraid of gnats that breed in damp soil. Can't have that. 

Remember that house plants are one of your very best friends. They suck the toxins out of the air naturally. Just don't have them down where a pet critter could bite off a leaf. Especially with poinsettias. They're really dangerous with animals.

And all the while they're continuously cleaning the air you breathe, they look beautiful at the same time. Try to keep the dust off the leaves. Gently wipe them down when they look dull. I use a wet rag, but some use other household items to keep them shiny. I may have to do that soon.

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  1. Gorgeous! I agree that plants are a necessity and love filling my home with them, too!

    Merry Christmas!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  2. I think philodendron is poisonous to animals too. Correct me if I'm wrong..
    And, of course, if you're going to have a Bromeliad it's got to be a red one. ;o) Your yellow one is so cheery, like a ray of sunshine.
    The spider plants that were on my deck last summer are now in my "junk"/former sewing room. I hope I can keep them alive until it gets warm again.
    Charlotte in Virginia

  3. Very pretty. I either over water or do not water enough,just cannot seem to get it right!

  4. I am terrible with plants but I bought a few a couple months ago and they are surprisingly still alive! Yours look beautiful!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  5. I love having my living plants around me. They are the best decor all year round, to my eye. The light in this new house seems to be working well for most of them and the only one I think I need to move is the yucca tree.. Maybe a new pot is in order for that one too.

    love your new red Bromeliad.. I need to get to lowes over the weekend and see if they have any here..

  6. Hi Brenda! I love your pretty plants! I used to have a house full of them but only have four at the moment. I used to calle Bromeliads ~ little boy plants! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Brenda..
    did you post on our book club at Good Reads about the Grisham book. I havent received any email posts about it,, only saw it here on your blog..


  8. Brenda, your plants are so beautiful and healthy looking. My husband just passed away and I received over 35 plants at the service, so I will have my hands full caring for them. Most are on my enclosed porch, right now, but I will gradually move some of them indoors. They are doing great on the porch, just enough warm and coolness. Hopefully, I will be able to keep them alive. Indoor plants just make everything more "homey". Merry Christmas and take care of yourself. Susan

  9. Your plants are beautiful. I'll be moving in a month and want to get a few for my new apartment. I haven't been very successful in the past. Maybe I should do some research for a few easy care plants.

  10. Your plants all look so healthy and beautiful. How in the world are you getting your peace lily to bloom like it is? Mine only has one little bloom and it actually looks kind of pathetic. It was much more vibrant in the summer. I've finally just started to mist all my plants with a spray mister full of water. It is so dry in my house.

  11. Your red bromeliad is beautiful. You certainly have a green thumb, the pothos are so lush and healthy looking. I love plants and think they add so much to a home.

  12. The plants are all beautiful. I so miss having nice big plants because it is very cold in my place during the winter months. The lack of sunshine is also a factor. But yours look so nice.

  13. Your red bromeliad is a beauty! I brought many of my outside plants in, so am just about out of space for plants, but if I came across a bromeliad as pretty as your red (or yellow) one, I may make room for just one more. My original Kimberly Queen fern, my big pink mandevilla, and a pot of dreamcicle colored miniature roses have been in almost two months now and are still surviving. The Kimberly Queen is actually thriving. I hope I didn't just jinx them.

    My little Fuzzy pom is terrified of gnats, too. Flies make him nervous and then snappy at them, but gnats make him go hide between the bed and the wall in the darkest corner he can find. Fuzzy also searches out any fallen leaves and snacks them down. I am careful to stay clear of poisonous (for pups) plants that shed leaves.

  14. Your certainly have a green thumb Brenda. I think your house plant's love you as much as Abi Rose and Charlie Ross do!! Have you been talking the talk like they say to do with plant's ? Have a great day , they're all beautiful !!

  15. Hi Brenda, your house plants are gorgeous. They look so healthy and happy in your home. I think you surely have a green thumb. Thank you for sharing your tips too. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.
    Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

  16. I love having house plants. Not only are they pretty they are good for us! The bomeliad's are gorgeous!

  17. They are all beautiful! I have only one pot of plants. There are several different ones in that one pot. I have ever been able to keep anything alive, but these have survived 6 years. I'm afraid to do anything to them, except water them. LOL!

  18. Your plants look beautiful, Brenda. You are so gifted with all green things! Every time I see a Bromeliad, I think of the movie Medicine Man with Sean Connery.

  19. A plant is one of my favorite gifts to myself as well. One day at the grocery, I saw this little plant in water ~ it's called a lucky bamboo. I thought I'd try it. It's huge now and so I guess I got lucky ;-)

    I don't often comment, but just wanted to stop today to say how much I enjoy reading your blog...your honest writing has touched me many times. Merry Christmas to you and your precious babies ~ may next year be filled with many blessings.

  20. I enjoyed seeing all your house plants! Absolutely beautiful! I moved 2 years ago and haven't gotten new house plants yet...I was so sad to say good bye to all my "friends" I'd had in my old house...we down sized and not much room here now for them, but I'd sure love to have a few choice ones like yours!!

  21. I love all your house plants. I can see they are well loved!

  22. It's gorgeous! A perfect gift to give yourself!

  23. Hi Brenda, I grew up in a house with plants so I enjoy having them around. Glad you gave yourself a living gift. Thanks for your lovely blog.


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