In The Groove...

When you get in the groove, there's no stopping. Just to eat another meal of Mexican casserole. And I managed to eke out another serving for tomorrow. Five straight days of Mexican casserole!

When I finally get going, I'm kind of like that Energizer bunny. I start the day and think I'm going to do one thing. And at the end of the day, now, at dusk, I've somehow done things completely different. 

Such is life...

So I'll be back tomorrow, and I have no idea what I'll be doing then. But snow is still thick on the ground. I hear we're in for some more. So I'm glad I stretched that darned Mexican casserole one more day!

Good evening, my friends! 

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  1. Some pretty tough weather. Stay safe.

  2. So are you sick of mexican casserole yet? lol It is bitter cold here and your snow must be moving northeast, because we're supposed to get that nasty white stuff tomorrow. Oh well, I don't think they're calling for much accumulation, so that part is good. I think I'll stay home and bake!

  3. A friend said yesterday she was so tired of seafood gumbo. she made it for thanksgiving.

    Made a Rikki Lauren sauteed fresh veggies over pasta tonight. Will be several days, yes?

    XO T

    1. Did you mean RICKY Lauren? Rikki Lauren works for an oil company. Ricky wrote a book about the Hamptons and food.

  4. Stay warm and enjoy that mexican casserole! I've spent the day playing with my Christmas decorations and changing things up. I think I'm finally starting to like it!

  5. So glad to see that you're able to embrace the Christmas season now and start decorating. I love the little snippets you've shared so far! Sounds like you should stay put while the weather is bad. Especially with your bad ankle!

  6. Looks like you got the decorating bug now and enjoying the process. Stay warm in our Texas cold and be careful. Not used to this, but tis the season. Mexican Casserole sounds delish.
    Happy Decorating.

  7. Glad to hear you are grooving! That Mexican dish sound great--I'll have to try it soon. We are expecting bad weather so chicken soup will be bubbling on the stove tomorrow. Enjoy your evening. ♥

  8. We really have advantages ling alone! Now what husband would eat the same cassrole 5 days in a row? None. I do the same thing. Cook enough to last....... I have no problem eating the same thing night after night.
    I like your decorations! Always beautiful.
    I still cant open my doors for all the snow. Be safe if you get out!

  9. Everything looks so good! Love all your pretty things!!

  10. Keep on being safe inside. The news about the Texas snowstorms sounds like staying home is the best idea.

  11. Looks like you've been creating some wonderful decorations Brenda. Stay warm!

  12. Everything looks so pretty and festive Brenda...the perfect setting for being stuck inside!

  13. Beautiful decorations! We have several inches of ice here and bitter cold-don't think we'll be able to get out until at least Monday

  14. Such a tease with those peaks at your decorating projects. It looks great, and can't wait to see more! Glad you have another day's worth of Mexican casserole so you don't have to go out in that weather. I made enormous pot of turkey soup that should last all week!

  15. Merry Christmas my friend. Are you staying in until the roads are all clear? You house is starting to look festive.

  16. Well, heck, Brenda. The next thing I know you will be moving to Cancun or something! LOL You got FIVE days out of that casserole? Sounds like you got lots done today. I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to today- Here's hoping tomorrow is better. Whoops- is is 1am- here's hoping TODAY is better. xo Diana

  17. You did get a lot of mileage out of that casserole! I like leftovers myself, means I don't have to cook. I just finished my Christmas decorating. Well, except for the outside. I need to get some cedar and fir branches cut if the weather isn't too nasty tomorrow. I haven't looked at the weather forecast, I'm afraid to. Have fun decorating and be safe and stay warm!

  18. I love Mexican food, but I don't think I could do it 5 days in a row.

  19. Love the candle and heart display, Brenda! Your CLH certainly seems warm with the glow of candlelight throughout! Enjoy!


  20. Brenda, I really hope you and your pupsters enjoyed a warm, snuggy evening! I especially love the beautiful candles and their warm, wonderful twinkle. Having a cat, I don't get the chance to light many candles!

  21. So glad you are in the groove! Your pictures look beautiful, as always. Hope the weather lets up and gives your area a break. Burrow in and stay safe!

    Take care.

  22. With all of your imagination, you could tweak from now until the epiphany!

    Stay warm! And dry!!!


  23. I don't think I could eat the same thing for that many days in a row. My husband totally could though.

    I totally can relate to starting the day with a plan and ending up doing things very differently. It happens to me a lot.

    Looks like you're making lots of Christmas pretty in your home and having fun doing so. I'm trying to get into that groove today. Have fun! :-)

  24. Brenda's got her groove back,and she is a force! Go girl, go girl.

    Well except for the Mexican cass. no way how...not 5 days.


  25. Love your red ornaments all together!! Keep warm and dry!! Hugs!!

  26. When I get in the groove, I just can't stop. It's the getting started that is hard for me. Lots of pretty red going on in your house for Christmas. Somehow I'm not surprised. :)
    xo Laura

  27. I knew you'd get it all together! And it sounds like you're enjoying it.

    I could eat leftovers for days too, my husband is a different story!


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