Pupsters & Pretties

I had a nice quiet day yesterday with the pupsters. 

I gave Abi a little haircut. It doesn't look too awful strange head on. But when she turns to the side, it looks like she has a gigantic forehead. 

Poor Abi. Her hair just won't comply.

But Charlie looks pretty normal with his. He has that kind of straight fur, whereas Abi's is curly and wavy fur.

I've been working on projects online all day. Will tell you more about those later. 

The sun  has melted much of the ice away. 

I had an electrician out Christmas Eve to fix the downed line. The city wouldn't do it, as it was on my side, they said. 

Now my back porch light won't work, so guess I'll be calling them again.

Now the countdown to the new year. I already have my year's resolution made. It was abundantly clear to me what it should be without giving it much thought.

Here's to growth, the kind that makes us stronger and sturdier. To a year of creativity and no telling what all else. Time will tell. 

Only time will tell.

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  1. How sweet that Judy comes to help you with haircuts. I have to have someone help me just comb Lulu"s hair.

    Today's agenda is to "play house" which is a positive take on taking down the Christmas decor and cleaning.

    Have a great day.

  2. So glad you have a friend like Judy. Do your children live far away from you? I hope you heard from them at least. Wishing you a blessed 2014.

  3. Judy is the best BF :) Brenda your plants look lovely and happy and I am so glad that dangerous downed line was taken care of! : ) Some snow here last night but not too much and lo and behold there is sunshine! : )

  4. Judy is a real sweetheart and so giving with her life so full of challenges now. She loves you and the pupsters. My Ziggy looks like your Abi, with the curly hair and matching ears! I love the little jar she made you. I"m going to keep an eye out for little things to fit in jars next season! We had some Christmas night excitement with a fire that broke out up the mountain about 3 miles from us at 10:30 pm, the fire crews pretty much have it contained with fire drops. The winds are not helping. Daughter and I played Mexican Train til about 2 am when I thought it was safe to go to bed. Hope that electrician fixes your light for free.

  5. I'm so glad you had a good day, yesterday. Judy is the kind of friend that money couldn't buy! Bless her heart she's one in 10 million!

  6. Judy is definitely a wonderful friend. Can't wait to see what you have planned. XO Laura

  7. I hope you have a successul and creative New Year..

    in feng shui its the year of the Horse,, go see what you are and see whats coming up for ya.. very interesting

  8. Brenda-- glad you had a merry Christmas and a wonderful friend like Judy. She is good to you and the pupsters.
    Can't wait to see what you'll be up to next year.

  9. I just love that Judy!! She is awesome! So glad she brought you a meal! You and the pups stay warm!

  10. I'm so happy that you had a very pleasant day!

    I am in love with your pupsters...

  11. I am so happy you have Judy! She is an Angel. Oh where is my Judy? I got to the dr today. I bawled and said I have to have 2 cortizone shots. I got them. I can walk now but dont care too. Came home jumped in bed. The pain has to go. I need a Judy. Blessings Brenda. Take care. My New Years resolutions...to love life thru mental and physical pain. Happy New Years Brenda!

  12. Brenda it sounds like you had a relaxing day with the pups. Judy is a true gem, everyone should have a friend like her, she's one in a million. I'm excited to see what you've been working on and excited to see what good things the new year brings your way!

  13. What a wonderful friend you have. That jar with the tricycle is darling!

  14. That was so nice of Judy to come by and visit you on Christmas and bring you some goodies. I love the homemade snowglobe she made! I still haven't made one of those so maybe I'll try it next year. I already have the jars and fake snow. Now, I just need the doodads! Hope you had a nice day yesterday.

  15. Your pupsters are so cute. I love your house. Always have. And oh love your header. Maybe you should go into blog design for Blogger.

  16. Isn't it nice to have a good friend? They understand you more than family, don't judge you like family does and listen with a caring heart. May God bless Judy and all the Judys out there!

    Praying your New Year brings much happiness, health and prosperity!

    Cate <><

  17. I was thinking about you and wondering what kind of day you had. It sounds perfect.

    Judy is a treasure. The kind of friend most never get to have.

  18. That Sweet Judy is an angel for sure. She takes good care of you. I know that you appreciate her a lot. That little snow jar is adorable. I love doing those. A lot of the fairy gardens things work so nice in them. But, I think getting them as a gift is more fun than making them.
    I love how Abi's one ear turns down and the other doesn't. I would say my Izzy's hair is more like hers but not wavy. When hers gets long it goes straight down into her eyes. I like how Charlie's parts in the middle. I have to keep Izzy's face really short.....like Abi's. We had both dogs groomed the week before Christmas. They shaved poor Piper down to nothing but a few feathers. He has had to wear a jacket since.
    I think this New Year will be a good one for you. I love that new banner with the jars and the birdies. I am anxious to see what you are up to on the internet. ((((HUGS))))

  19. Happy New Year. I'm all for growth as long as it doesn't involve my waist, thighs, or rear end!

  20. What a dear friend Sweet Judy is! You are blessed to have such a thoughtful friend.i love your red end table. I had one years ago and hated it. Now I adore it, since seeing yours done up in RED! I do enjoy receiving your posts. Thank you!


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