Snow & Crafting & Puttering

This afternoon I puttered around with paper and candles. Just needed something to be able to sit and do while watching it snow.

Here's Abi this morning making her way to the back of the garage. She always heads out there, Charlie close behind.

I ate my third day of Mexican casserole. Tomorrow I'll finish it off. I'll be making this one again.

I took the shells out of this colander and put in strands of gold beads. I like the way the gold shines in the light.

The mantel is a continuing work in progress. I think I have it the way I want it, then I start moving things around. 

Everyday I get a little more done. I'm sure it's the same with many of you guys. Going to be cold here for a good while. Might as well settle in.

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  1. The dogs in the snow pics are so darn cute :) ( the decor is too but SORRY ...they steal the show! :)

  2. Have to agree with Debra that the "little hairy friends" are the cutest things by far. BUT...I am going to try the Mexican casserole and never thought about the paper on the candles. Great idea! Stay warm. It is 12 below here right now (5 p.m.).

    Cate <><

  3. Your place looks so cute. I love the paper around your candles, a sweet idea. Have a great weekend. Bundle up and I thought it was cold here in Northern California at 27 degrees...dry as a popcorn fart! At least you have something pretty to look at, sure wish we had some of that snow, even for a day.

  4. Charlie and Abi need some "mukluks" when they are out in the snow.. ;o) They sure do look cute and it's good that they stay together..
    Your gold candle in the colander with the gold beads is very pretty.. I like the idea of putting paper around the taller candles too. I guess there is no end to what one can do to decorate that type of candle..
    Can't wait to see your mantle..
    I think we're going to get snow and ice here in Va. on Sunday.. I would rather have snow than ice if I had a choice, but I don't.
    Take care, stay warm and enjoy the last bit of your Mexican casserole.. As soon as I can get out, I'm going to get the ingredients for it.
    Happy Christmas decorating.

  5. Looks quite wintery in your neck of the woods. The pupsters are so cute in the snow. I've almost finished decorating but then I change something. Enjoy your cozy little house! ♥

  6. The pups are just adorable! We didn't get snow here in my part of MO, but it is very cold. I like your ideas for candles. Stay warm and have a nice weekend!

  7. I'm loving the contrast of the cold, snowy outdoors with your cozy indoors. The collender with the beads is a winner! Stay warm! All we have here in NJ is a lot of rain.

  8. Love the colander with the gold beads and the candle! Cute idea! I am still putting things up and then changing them! I hope by the end of the weekend to be done so I can just enjoy!

  9. I love the colander with the gold beads as well. Yes your home is always warm and comphy. Always! It's suppose to get -7 tonight or 0. I will take the latter. Take Brenda and take care of the pupsters!

  10. Oh the pupsters look adorable up to their knee caps in the snow!
    I like that red collander with the string of beads in pretty.
    No snow we have 'wintery mix'... sleet. :/
    stay warm...Pat

  11. If your snow watching (as opposed to people watching), led to that sweet gathering of well dressed candles and pretty porcelain crockery, then 'let it snow, let it snow, let it snow'!


  12. We had mostly rain with a skiff of ice and snow. Not really very pretty. Love seeing your sweet pups in the snow. xo Laura

  13. I love days like that. About 7" of snow here with more to come and I love it! What a great idea for those candles. You are inspiring!

    Frankie Ann

    1. Just love the way you take things in your home and make it inviting.

  14. Brenda? You have snow? We barely have any compared to you, and we are the cold part of the world...brrr...stay warm.


  15. Here in Wisconsin....Brrrrrr! That' all I have to say about that. We are expecting up to 5 inches by tomorrow. It does make things pretty. Maybe that's what it will take to push me into the holiday spirit. Your dogs are so cute. Love your little touches of Christmas. Keep warm my friend.

  16. I love all the simple touches you have, especially the colander with the candle. I need to learn to think outside of the box!

    I heard about the whallop of snow you got there in OK. Hope you stay warm and dry. We are just coooold here!


  17. Your Christmas decor makes your home look so cozy and inviting. Love the sweet photos of your pups prancing in the snow!

  18. Your home is looking great for the holidays!! Your pups are so cute. They must bring you so much joy! ~ Jamie

  19. Hope you enjoy your weekend Brenda. I love your pitcher collection and the way you jazzed up the yellow one with greenery. I know the puppies are enjoying exploring the white stuff! Take care and stay warm. We're up for some snow tomorrow, had ice and rain before that...need to get more decorating done here, but have to do it around when my hubby is out working in the garage...oh well, it will come together eventually!

  20. that shot of Abi running and her ears up is priceless!! That casserole looked so good, what are you fixing for next week? stay warm!

  21. If I lived alone...I would eat like that. A big pot of soup could be used all week as well as stew. Sometimes it must be nice not to have to think of a meal to serve. That's one of my problems...always having to come up with a new thing.
    Glad to hear that you are staying in and not taking chances with your injury. Listen to me...I sound like your Mom.


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