Warm & Inviting Spaces To Spend Winter Months

House To Home UK has fast become one of my favorite websites. This room has what would appear to be a cold brown leather sofa. But cold it is no longer with the quilt and afghan and perky pillows!

The door is already open, and the room says "why, please come on in." 

Oh, you must know what I love about this photo. The gorgeous red tiles! Red and white. How much better does it get?

This room is really the opposite of the first photo. It has dark wood paneling and brick on the walls. Still, something about this room makes you want to sit down opposite a friend and chat over coffee. 

It is a warm room full of rich detail like the rug underneath the wicker coffee table. And is that a tapestry of some sort on the couch seats?

Wake me up when it's time for supper. I'm going to rest my eyes, as my grandmother use to say!

{All photos courtesy of www.housetohome.co.uk}


  1. I love that pop of lime green on the curtains in the last picture!

  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures! Lots of wonderful decorating ideas. The fireplace styling is very interesting...

  3. I love all the images you've featured, Brenda! I'm following both of your new blogs and wish you lots of success. I'm going to give your blog addresses to a somewhat new blogger, Debi at Real Simple Style:


    She wants to join linky parties, but doesn't know how to start. I sent her a few tutorials, but maybe you'll be able to help her out, too. She's got great farmhouse style!

  4. Love the ceiling beams in the second photo.

  5. If I had this living room I might never leave! I find it interesting though how we can be attracted to so many different styles. This is going to be a fun blog, thanks to you, Brenda.


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