Welcome Wagon Friday 12/13/13

It's time to welcome some new bloggers.

Up for you this week I have...

What a gorgeous stocking! And my goodness. She decorates the outside to be beautiful too!

(Just click on translate at the left top of her blog.)

I thought about doing this. Bringing in a branch and decorating it. But no where to put it! This looks great up against the stone wall.

I love the ribbon on the tree. It looks so effortlessly put there. But I know it probably wasn't!

I bookmark new blogs I find for Welcome Wagon. And every week on Thursday I go to them and see if they've posted within the past week.

Many, many I can't feature because their photos are simply too small.

So if you want to be considered, please make your photos bigger

Okay, my trusty Welcome Wagon volunteers, please give them a visit!

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  1. Thanks for some beautiful inspiration this week. I love visiting all the new blogs you feature.

  2. Thank you for some great inspirations!! Gonna go have some fun visiting!! Hugs!!


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