A Colorful Stitcher's Studio

Jodi Nelson loves to sew and quilt. Her blog, Pleasant Home, has been around for some time. I love to visit her because of her use of color on both her blog and her projects.

Jodi Nelson

Here's what she writes: 

Welcome to Pleasant Home!
My great-great grandfather Otto Christianhemmers, homesteaded at a place called Pleasant Home.
Pleasant Home is situated about 20 miles east of Portland Oregon, in Multnomah County.
It rests at the foothills of beautiful Mt. Hood, with beautiful views of the mountain.
And not too far from the bluff that overlooks the Sandy River.

I've been blogging 10 or so years now. In August of 2009 I decided to change a few things in my little corner of the Blog Universe. My blog was named Simply This That and The Other. Quite a mouthful if you ask me. Thus Pleasant Home was born. 

I love all things home. And I simply enjoy sharing it with all of you. My hope is that you might find something here that will give you an idea or the desire to create something for your surroundings and help to make your house a Pleasant Home.

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.
john howard payne

If I had this beautiful sewing room/studio to walk into, just the sight of it would make me happy.

Jodi has infused it with color and cheer.

She has obviously thought of everything. A portable ironing station above.

Scraps in see through baskets always at hand. 

I'm sure she uses the space behind the colorful curtain for storage as well.

Portable design boards.

See this door below?

It houses this. How organized!

 Here are some of her finished projects I've put in a collage:

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  1. What a bright and happy studio! I really like the colorful patterns on the curtains and chair cushions. Also, lots of wonderful work space.

    Jodi's projects are beautiful...

  2. I can't believe how organized she is.

    Everything is beautiful.

  3. This room must be a magical playground for every woman who sews! I envy Jodi for where she lives...beautiful!



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