A Sun Kissed Day

The sun is shining. Makes a big difference: a dreary gray day or one the sun kisses.

I glance up and see that I've forgotten to take the 2013 calendar down. It is a Susan Branch, and thus filled with her artwork. I will take it down and save it. Never know when you can use something from old calendars for a decoupage project.

There is a bird chirping outside the window. I reach up and open the blinds above the computer to see if I can spot it. It's been awhile since I captured a bird with my camera. Too many days of snow and ice and gray. When birds were scarce.

The day yawns ahead of me. Stretches its arms and lets me know the world is my oyster. At least when it comes to days not scribbled full in a date planner

Oh, the days of spring time

I will have my cereal and coffee, just like always, and check emails. Do work I need to get done on the computer. What I do every day. Seven days a week.

Occasionally glance up to see if a bird lands in my sight. So I can get my camera and do what I love to do. Capture images from today that last forever. 

So few things you can capture today that last forever. Like trying to hold melting snow in the cup of your hand. It melts before you eyes and seeps through your closed fingers. And all you have is the memory of it being there for that short span of time.

From the corner of my eye I see the old cedar next door dancing in the breeze. While the bare branches in the tree next to it are all but still. Waiting for leaves to sprout so it can dance too.

I guess life is kind of like that. Melts through your fingers. So capture everything you can. While you have a smidgeon of a chance of holding onto it.

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  1. I was so glad to see the sun out this morning. It's been so dreary. I couldn't top thinking about Michelle and her family after reading your blog last night. Gosh. Have peaceful Sunday!

  2. Amen, Brenda. Hold onto what you can in the fleeting moments of life so that you have the memory of that moment to hold close to your heart forever. xo Diana

  3. The early morning sun was streaming into my kitchen window when I entered. Such a rare sight after too many dark days. What a glorious feeling! And I hoped the sun was shining down on you, Brenda. I'm so happy to know that it is!! Enjoy your sunny day...

  4. Still gray and overcast in my corner of West Virginia. We're getting ready to go out for a walk. We'll have to create our own sunshine with our attitudes, I guess! We'll try to generate some memories to hold onto. Have a pleasant day, Brenda and everyone else.

  5. I agree it makes such a difference when the sun is shining. It's been foggy drizzly and grey all day here today. Yuk! Xx

  6. I have sunshine this morning also, and it helps me feel so much better! Brighter! Yes thinks do melt through our fingers so quickly! Enjoy it while we can!

  7. The sun looks wonderful today after so many gloomy days. I haven't taken but a handful of photos since the start of the new year because it's been either too cold or too dreary. I'm so sorry about your friend. Hearing news like that makes capturing those special moments all the more precious.

  8. Such a beautiful description of your morning. The sun is beaming down in our area too and I've heard a few chirps from some feathered friends. This type of day is a sweet breath of spring in the dead of winter.

    I enjoyed your post


  9. Brenda my favorite time of year to capture pics of songbirds is winter. They flock to my tray feeder off my back porch & I get a lot of larger birds (flickers, woodpecker). I set my tripod up at the back door, clean the window really well & wait. I've captured some gorgeous shots this way. Then on the days I'm just working, they still come & are such a joy to watch.

  10. A sun-kissed day is a wonderful thing. I love how light and dark play together in your photos, Brenda.


  11. Your photos are so pretty. I love the one of the barn. It has been sunny here too for a change. Sun does wonders for my energy level!

  12. Brenda ~ Sunshine is so necessary. It has been grey and dreary here for far too long. We had exactly two hours of sunshine here in Ontario today. I was in heaven ~

  13. Beautiful images, beautiful words. The second photo sings.

    Have a lovely week, my friend!


  14. Good morning Brenda
    The sun is shining here too finally! There were some lovely steaks of pink in the sky. We finally started back to our morning routine of walking before the workday begins, after not walking since well before Christmas. It felt good.
    Only negative thing about sunshine is that it shows how dirty our windows are!

  15. There were STREAKS in the sky, not "steaks" !!

  16. It's nice to wake up to a bright sunny day and take time to ponder before you head out into the world! I love having time to check my favorite blogs and read a few emails. I love the start of a new day..so many possibilities! Enjoy yours! Hugs!

  17. Beautiful pictures, thoughtful words. Today is my 60th, so this post has special meaning for me. Thank you.

  18. Wow! This is an inspiring post. I have had one of those mornings, spilled coffee, barking dogs and when I tried to rip a paper towel off the roll, half of it came with the one sheet. Just stupid stuff like that. And you think your whole day is going to suck!!

    Well, I hear you in this post. Hang on to the good moments, make some good memories. Everything is fleeting.


  19. This was beautiful, Brenda! Somehow I missed it. The sun is finally shining here today, too. Makes such a difference in my mood.


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