An Artist & Her Muse

There are all manner of artists in this world. Some use yarn and thread and color and immense talent to create a charming little world of their own. This is Susan's world, of Mary Janes Tearoom, in the UK.

She says she find inspiration everywhere, in all the colors. Her colors and sketches inspire me, though I don't know how to knit.

New characters come to life underneath her pencil. She will give them names and personalities and breathe life into them.

I find her world utterly charming. Imagine going into your studio each day and creating fanciful rabbits and mice and all kinds of creatures.

Imagine starting out with a sketch, then finding the medium in which to create it. Then introducing it to the world. In all its colorful glory. 

Imagine magazines seeking you out for your studio children, like Milly, above. With her bright blue eyes and blond hair. Her glowing cheeks and shy smile. 

I could be quite happy in Susan's world. Surrounded by all her munchkins.

A world where innocence reigns. Where the world outside stays outside. While she channels her imagination to create a world of beauty and whimsy within her walls.

I am simply in awe. What a fanciful place for your imagination to live.

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  1. What a delight to scroll through these pictures! Susan really has a special and unique talent. To be able to envision and create such wonderful creatures is truly amazing. I especially love the adorable doll!

  2. What a talented woman! That mushroom house is just the sweetest thing!


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