Andrea's Little House In Dallas

Andrea from Opulent Cottage lives in a little house in an historic district in Dallas, Texas.

She manages to make the most of her space. And now with her only child gone off to college, it's just her and the husband.

I love her displays. The girl's got style.

And she knows how to make slipcovers. 

Which would have sent me running for the door.

She puts color combinations together well.

She knows how to garden inside.

And outside.

The girl can sure design and sew.

And she's one of those gals that, when you talk to them on the phone, it may have been nearly a year. But it seems like yesterday. She's always exuberant and fun and good for laughs.

I remember when she made these adorable dish towels. So cute! 

She can create cute colorful things like eye glass cases and such.

And now she's all ready for Valentine's Day. Andrea loves holiday decorating.
Don't you just love this little cottage in Dallas?

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  1. Andrea is so talented and I love her style. I pinned 2 ideas onto my To Do List board - wrapping the candles in upholstery webbing and spicing up the garden.

  2. I really love Andrea's decorating style! Her shelf arrangements and colors are wonderful. She's obviously a gifted seamstress! Very lovely creations.

  3. I always love whatever Andrea comes up with!

  4. Oh, you do find such happy places!

  5. Thank you, Brenda :) I'm sure ready for some of that garden color!!!


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