Art & Sand: A Little Cottage By The Sea

Let's go visit Carol. She blogs at Art And Sand. Her husband is a wonderful artist. And these two lucky folks live by the ocean.

Step up on her colorful porch and let's knock on her door.

We'll sit here and chat with her about what's she's been doing since she retired this past summer from teaching.

She's been busy playing house. Moving things about. Playing on the beach.

Oh, imagine being married to an artist. Who paints the most delightful paintings.

Making her colorful house even more colorful, as you can see.

I love every single nook and cranny of her home. 

And the fact that she gets to live in a little cottage by the sea...sounds like the most wonderful thing in the world.

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  1. You make it look so nice. Right now the only organized rooms are the entry way and the dining room. I am still working on the living room after stealing the sewing machine base table to hold my sewing machine in my new creative space. One table in the living room is holding every knick knack looking for a home. I found a shabby chic dresser under my price limit, but I have one more round of vintage shops to hit today.

    Thanks for the feature. I need to add it to my featured page and need to add your new blogs to my blog roll.

  2. I am a follower of her blog and I love how she has color in her home and she is also one of the great bloggers here.

  3. Another blog I've never seen. I love it! Her home is lovely. I like how she combines the different colors. Also, the paintings are very beautiful!

  4. I've been following Carol's blog since she started it and I'm charmed by her cottage style every time I visit!


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