Belle Blanc

This woman takes stunning photos. Let's take a look at her inner sanctum, shall we?

Here's what she says about herself: 

My name is Mira and I'm married. We live in a cozy house with our four British short hair cats in the Palatinate region. I love the "shabby-vintage-hampton-french-swedish" country living style.

Her blog is Belle Blanc.

 The palette of her decorating style is white and neutrals.

And as you see, when color is added, it dominates!

This is her summer look. She changes out the pillows to a soft green.

Quite beautiful, isn't it?

Isn't the play of light on the radio an absolute work of art? And her tool is her camera.

Her colors are soft, but very appealing.

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  1. Oh, My!

    Those mint green pillows are W O N D E R F U L !!

  2. Mira's summer look is lovely. Such a pretty color! I love that mint green blender and radio...


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