Bianca's Wohnlust

Wohnlust is Bianca's blog. She likes black and white, but adds spurts of color. 

She writes: "I love the black and white look and am fascinated by the Scandinavian straightforwardness."

Love how the stove gets bumped out. I don't think I've ever seen that before.

A very interesting architectural concept for a fireplace.

She shows how to make things. Like the blue and white star above. And the lacy round decorative object below.

The technique is simple as it is logical.

The object to be decorated should have a smooth and bright surface. First you cut the top layer of the napkin carefully. A little napkins. Apply glue in the center of the surface to be bonded. Put napkin, press slightly and glue
cautious g
Apply (nothing for coarse ruffians).

To avoid cracks and wrinkles should always be worked from the inside out!

(This was translated.)

And this little project, which turned out very cute. 

Don't throw those cans away!

And a cozy little outdoor room.
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  1. I really love Bianca's stove! So unusual and charming. Her shelf displays are wonderful. Also, she makes such lovely decorative objects.

  2. I went over to check her out. I love the canned food turned into classy white containers and the white tray with the blue star.

  3. I am not throwing my cans away now!


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