Bobo Bun Blog

This is Lisa's blog, and she is from the UK. It is called Bobo Bun.

I was immediately intrigued by her use of color.

And look! She has a pink Smeg fridge!

I have yet to see a stainless steel appliance on the foreign blogs I've featured thus far. Wonder why that is?

The kitchens I'm seeing in other countries, they do not look much like kitchens here. They seem less filled with the latest new thing. Less over the top. 

And lo and behold, I find more crochet and sewing!

They seem to make do with much less. And I admire that.

I didn't want you to think that I'm only picking blogs with sewing and crochet. It's just that the more I dig within their blogs, they seem to be there!

Simple pops of color.

Their rooms seem smaller, from what I've seen so far. Far less ornate than what we see on blogs here.

But their homes are cozy. Very cozy. What more could one really want?

Little funky trinkets everywhere.

And comfy places to sit and enjoy their day.

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  1. Another blog to add to my blog roll.

    Oh, my that SMEG is wonderful. Although, I would need it in red.

  2. I think their appliances are of a higher quality and probably last a lifetime, unlike ours that last 7-8 years or less!! I love all the crocheted bits!

  3. What a cute blog! I'll have to check it out. You're right - homes, in general, and the rooms within those homes, are much smaller in Europe. At least they are in England, from what I've personally seen. I remember my friend from England remarking about American refrigerators..."You could hide a body in one of those things!"

  4. I follow a number of British blogs and really enjoy them-I love to see the kitchens with the Aga stoves. They look cozy and inviting!

  5. I think I know the answers to some of the questions you posed. In Europe, and in the UK especially, people are taxed to death (by our standards) and even people with a good income get to keep less of their money. In return they do have the National Health, etc. Their stoves are often Agas which help keep their homes warm, and I don't think I have ever seen one in stainless. They do come in a range of bright colors. I think Vickie is right about people buying an appliance that is expected to last a very long time. And last, stainless generally costs more even here in the US than its counterpart in black or white. I love the look of the British homes because they are more real and not so match-matchy or trendy. They seem to value old things, particularly those passed down, and they always have a more genuine look. Just my take...

  6. This is such a darling little home! I'm going to pop over and see for myself!
    I love color...more and more, I'm coming to terms with my natural bent for quirk and color! It took me a while but I'm glad I figured out... the ALL WHITE shabby or beige on beige...just doesn't work for me.
    This little blog looks interesting... I'm definitely going to go read!


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