Bring On The Kitchens

I think we all get excited about cozy colorful kitchens. I know I do.

Love, love, love that island!

Now this just makes me swoon. Must be all the layering of fabrics.


I really like the colors, a cool minty green, red, black and white.

Take a look at that farmhouse sink.

I like the blue with the red counter top.

Do you have a favorite?

(Note: I tried to find the links to these pics. They were on Pinterest, so couldn't locate them all. If you know where the ones that don't have a link are from, please let me know.)

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  1. What a wonderful selection of kitchens! There's definitely something to love about each one. What a difficult choice! I guess my favorite is #4. The fabrics and shelf displays are beautiful. Also, I really like bead board.

  2. Beautiful kitchens. Thanks Brenda, you have given me some ideas for mine.

  3. Kitchen number one speaks to me. The weathered wood shelves against the all white kitchen is such a nice combination.


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