Cath Kidston & Her Colorful Business

Cath Kidston, who hasn't heard of her?

How cheery are these flowers on the robin's-egg blue walls?

Who would get bored in this bathroom?

 So just who is Cath Kidston?

Born Cath Isabel Audrey Kidston in 1958, she is an English fashion designer, businesswoman, an entrepreneur and author. Her company, Cath Kidston Limited, sells home furnishings and related goods through shops, online and by mail order, most products being made with her floral prints. She is particularly known for her nostalgic floral patterns, and has published a number of books.

Obviously a woman with vision, and an entrepreneur whose designs are loved by many. 

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Publicity shot of Cath Kidston

Her brand is synonymous with floral prints and chintzy kitchenware. She has shops worldwide. In Japan, the brand is so popular that she travels under a pseudonym to avoid being mobbed.

Cath Kidston was born on November 6,1958. She started her career as an interior designer, prior to opening her first store in London. 

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  1. Wouldn't you love to visit one of her shops in person? I'm afraid I'd break the bank if I did. :)

  2. Her products are so beautiful and charming. I would definitely love to visit one of the shops! Love the kitchenware.


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