Divine Dining

This reminds me of days gone by. When you'd get out a cotton table cloth because company was coming. The Fiesta pitcher tells me sweet tea is waiting to be poured. 

The roosters on the wall say they're living the farm life. And the whimsical chandelier tells me they don't take themselves too seriously!

This dining room is a study in layers. The gingham table cloth. The hanging quilt...

This could be in Mexico. In colors of every hue, no two patterns alike. Bring on the chips and salsa.

Someone playful designed this wall, I'd say. Someone with a sense of humor. 

Indoor and outdoor beauty. Sit and gaze out at the ornamental grasses blowing in the breeze...

Someone said you can't go wrong with red, white and blue. But then, before it gets to matchy-match, lay a black and white tiled floor as a "pop" of unexpected surprise.

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1 comment

  1. You always find the prettiest pictures! I love them all, but the red, white, and blue is my favorite. It is sort of a farmhouse look!


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