Dreams Of Flying High

Yesterday was my day of the week chosen to run a few errands, got groceries. I will be glad when winter is over so fruit will be back in a "buyable" range. Much as I love strawberries on my morning cereal, I am not paying $4.99 for them. 

Some mornings I wake up and wonder what day it is. I guess because most of my days are relatively the same. I do the same things, day to day. There is a certain measure of serenity in this. 

I remember when I was a child I wasn't crazy about weekends. We lived out in the country and didn't have a car. For the most part I was on my own to entertain myself because no children lived out there. 

Maybe that's where I learned to love solitude. Back there with pencil and paper when I made up stories to amuse myself.

I finally broke down and bought fresh flowers at the grocery. They were $6.98. And since I very rarely buy magazines anymore, I justified the expense by telling myself the flowers looked like spring sunshine. Sometimes nothing is quite as grand as a pitcher full of fresh flowers.

The days march on, as January moves toward February. Speaking of months, my reader friend Charlotte sent me the Susan Branch 2014 calendar. She was nice enough to send one last year too. 

I've met so many wonderful people through blogging. Friends from all walks of life. 

I will enjoy it immensely, Charlotte. I thank you for your generosity. And of course your friendship.

Mornings are so full of possibility, aren't they. You wake up and have no idea where your day will take you. 

The sun is shining outside the window, which is cause for thankfulness in these winter months. There is barely any wind. The neighbor's flag across the street is waving lazily in the slightest of breezes. 

Other than that I see birds flying high, little dots against the light blue of a sunlit sky. I wonder if they have a destination. 

I have had so many dreams of flying, all my life. I don't like to try to nail down what dreams are about. For that seems to take the magic out of them. 

I can close my eyes and recall each time flying up and up. I can remember how I move my hands to shift me higher, similar to strokes you slice through water to swim. 

I don't know what I'm flying to, but the elation of being airborne is so liberating that I don't really care. 

It's enough just to fly with the birds. Far above earthly troubles of any variety. Soaring through blue skies to undetermined destinations.

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  1. Your flowers are beautiful and I agree we need to treat ourselves sometimes. Hugs!


  2. I laughed when you commented about your routine being much the each day. The only way we know it is Saturday is that we allow ourselves bacon on Saturday morning.

    Do plants do well in your house? I buy the mini rose bushes for $3.99 at Trader Joe's and enjoy them on the table for a week or two and then I plant them outside. Some of the rose bushes are 3 feet tall now.

  3. Beautiful color... I considered going and buying some fresh flowers the other day. Maybe that would pacify the premature spring bug I've caught?! I bought some strawberries a week ago, I noticed they were already starting to turn this morning as I was making breakfast... so I made strawberry syrup out of them. I was NOT going to let those suckers spoil! They are atrociously expensive right now... ridiculous! Enjoy your weekend full of color and beauty!

  4. I love my Susan Branch calendar. Every year my daughter buys me one. I often wake and wonder what day it is. Christmas and New Year being mid week really played havoc on my brain! With our warm weather out here strawberries are coming in cheap! We buy them from local farmers, so good. I only wish I could send you some. The fresh flowers are a treat we know you will enjoy.

  5. Oh, I know you'll enjoy the calendar...what a nice gift! And your photos are always spectacular! Hope you're having a good weekend my friend!

  6. What a lovely post, Brenda. I love your plants. I was just thinking yesterday that I want to add more indoor plants. xo Laura

  7. I've had many dreams about flying, ever since I was a little girl and the way you describe the technique of flying higher, is EXACTLY how I see it in my dreams! I wake up with a lightness in my heart and a cheery disposition in my mind.

    Beautiful pics!


  8. Love the sunshine photos, and I've always thought how wonderful it would be to be able to fly like birds. My dreams that include flying are usually dreams of flying vehicles. It's cray-cray, I know.

  9. I like your sunny flowers, Brenda, but especially the sunlight coming through your windows. Beautiful.


  10. Your day is coming dear friend and when it does - you will soar like an eagle!


  11. Hello Brenda! I've been following you blog faithfully, but haven't commented recently. Looks like Charlie and Abigail are doing well. Love the picture of the pathos plant in the sunlight . . . just what my winter-weary Minnesota eyes need to see. I really like the look of this "header" on your blog page . . . crisp, clean and totally charming. Trying to pass the winter by doing a bit of inside painting and hand-stitching miniature quilts (it takes almost NO fabric). They "finish up" at about 6" x 8" and they make me smile. Aside from that, I do a bit of day dreaming about my summer gardens. Take care, Brenda. I wish you and your "fur-babies" a healthy, happy 2014 in your "cozy little house".

  12. I'm glad that you had a sunny day today. Sun always helps my mood. It probably does you too. I love to analyze dreams. I read somewhere that if you dream you're flying that you must be happy. I've had some of those. I often have a recurring dream that isn't so good and I think it has to do with some insecurities I have that I need to work on. I think you can learn a lot about yourself through your dreams.

  13. I think your flying dreams must mean that you are destined to soar to someplace wonderful! I bought a little tulip plant yesterday. I needed to bring a little spring inside, too.

  14. I love your fresh flowers Brenda, and your indoor plants in the sunshine are gorgeous! Your babies are precious! We have two Chi's and a Chi/Yorkie mix. I would be so lonely without them!

  15. Hi Brenda,

    Do you have an Aldi's near you? I love that store. You pay cash or use a debit card and take your own bags to bag your own groceries. I buy lots of fresh fruits and vegetables there plus we love the oat bran bread. I feel like we save lots of money by going to Aldi's when we are near one.

  16. I've always wanted to have flying dreams...it must be awesome. I tend to eat a lot of frozen fruit in the winter...

  17. I hope you have a nice day! Very good article, well written and very thought out. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Decorating in Style

  18. When I was a child, I lived outside of our little town. There weren't any children, for a while, to play with so I cut out and hand sewed doll clothes.. I still have some of them.
    After a while, a family moved in on my street and there were two boys and a girl. From then on, we played the usual "Mother May I"," Red Rover", Red Light Green Light, cowboys and Indians and rode our bicycles until we wore ourselves out.. I'm just amazed at the gadgets that children have now to entertain themselves with.
    You flowers look so pretty as do your plants.. Spring is on it's way if we can hold out..
    Because of the schedules of my "kids" I have a hard time remember what day it is..
    Enjoy your calendar.
    Thinking about you.
    Charlotte in Virginia

  19. I've missed getting flowers. Yours are really pretty. And I agree with you on the fruit...we are just not getting anything really good.

    After all of our snow and gloom yesterday the sun is blinding on all of that white! And of course it's only 19. No fun at all!!


  20. Sometimes I wish everyday were the same for me. Since I am the only one in my house that can drive, I am the only one that can shop, run other errands, fix things that are broken, yard work, laundry etc. I try and get most of those things done during the week, so I love weekends as much as I did when working out of the home for so many years. Friday night is just the best knowing the week is behind me. Lots of Sat. morning cooking shows big newspaper on Sun. and always something special for breakfast on weekends.

  21. Hi Brenda! Can I give you an idea about fruit? My mom and sister who live north of OKC drive out your way to several 'pick you own' places and get not only strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, peaches, apricots and who knows what else. My sis cuts them up and freezes them to use for wintry days just like this. I know there are several places out by Jenks (also the Amish country bakeries are out there too) so you might Google 'pick your own.' Keep saying. . .spring is coming. Down here in East Texas (30 miles N. of Tyler) our daffs are coming up!!!

  22. Beautiful Spring like day here. The starlings were a cacophony noise up in the poplar tree. Actually, I enjoyed listening to them chattering away. I spent time drinking in the sunshine out on the front porch and then got a bug to clean out the garage. Hauled off 4 boxes of junk!

    I love solitude as well. Nothing wrong with being your own best friend!

  23. I think Judy said it better than I can. I think there is something on the horizon coming up for you. I bought strawberries last week and enjoyed every one I ate myself. We need to treat ourselves more often. Have a good week, whatever day it is all, hah. I was sure that Wednesday was Tuesday this week. ((((HUGS))))


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