Faded Charm's Nostalgic Home

Though we don't share color combinations in the design of our homes, I have to hand it to Kathleen. Her home is one of the best styled ones I have seen in Blog Land to date.

She has enormous talent in knowing just what to place where.

And I have to say I am in complete awe of her skills and vision.

The bedroom is just luscious.

And look at the mantel on the other side of the bed.

Oh my word. Can you imagine having this laundry room?

There are treasures in absolutely every nook and cranny.

Take a look at the old cutting board on the wicker trunk.

She's been so nice to have us in her home. We'll just head on out now. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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  1. Kathleen's decorating and photography skills make you feel like you're looking at a beautiful decorating book. Her home has such a serene feel to it and it's filled with wonderful vintage pieces. I'd love to see what she could do in my home!

  2. Thank you for letting me know about this post and for featuring my home here on your blog. I love the layout you did:-)

    Have a wonderful week!


  3. Kathleen's home is definitely one of my favorites!! I love her use of so many fabulous architectural pieces. She shares my love of all things vintage. Wonderful tour!!
    Mary Alice


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