Happy Loves Her Red

It's been gray and cold outside today. I was ready for some Happy Loves Rosie red!

Speaking of colorful characters, that Happy Harris is one colorful character!

Larger than life.

She's been blogging for about 7 years now. Did you know she also designs blogs?

She lives in London and Kent, United Kingdom.

Blog Dog. Max.

Oh my! Her kitchen.

Wasn't that cheery?

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  1. Hi Brenda...Thank you so much for featuring me...You make me sound wonderful ;)

    I love it over here...

    Love Happy xx

  2. Her home just makes me smile! I'm going to check out her blog! So much fun!


  3. I'd love to go shopping in her kitchen!

  4. Wow no way can you be sad in her bright space that is for sure. Thanks for sharing, I will peek at her blog now. Thanks and have a great night. :-)

  5. Such a delightful house! I really love all the vivid color. It's so cheerful...

  6. I have followed her for a few years now and she always cheers me up. I wish I had a caravan, but then I would spend more money.

  7. That made my heart skip a beat! Love it - my favorite color is red also!

  8. Her kitchen reminds me of yours! :)

    I've had fun catching up on these color posts...I went through almost all of them between the last two days or so :)

  9. Yes yes yes it was cheery--your blog and the sharing of other blogs makes my day! :-)

  10. Been a fan of her joyful colors for years. Don't envy her cleaning though. ;-) Just recently found you and enjoyed every one of your pieces.

  11. Wowza! Love all the color and cheer! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Her home makes everybody happy! It reminds me a lot of yours, Brenda! Love it! :)



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