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Brenda has been writing since grade school. She attended journalism school where she majored in professional writing. She loves to decorate, garden, read and spend time with her Yorkies.

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Howling Winds And Cold Temps

The wind has been howling for hours. A few nights ago, when I was lying in bed before sleep, I heard the loudest winds I think I've ever heard. 

It was like an angry child throwing things in a tantrum. The winds whipped around the corners and I could hear things being moved and tossed about.

It was a strange feeling, in bed with the pupsters, covered in quilts, listening. This house is cement, so it is strong. It has withstood Oklahoma winds since 1934. In some ways I wish I owned it. 

The dogs were quiet and still, listening as I was. I could see their little faces looking a bit afraid in the shadows from the window. I told them everything was all right.

I feel safe inside, where it is warm, watching the debris and leaves scatter down the sidewalk. Knowing I only have to go out there today to drag the trash receptacle from the back to the front sidewalk.

On another note, do you know who this is?

It is me at 28. Seems a lifetime ago. The future was ripe with possibilities. When you are young, life lays ahead of you, a rug unfurled, and you just don't realize how much you should treasure the moments. Until you are young no more.

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Brenda Pruitt
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  1. While I do wish I didn't have some of the aches and pains I have now, I wouldn't for anything want to go back to being in my twenties or thirties. Just being more comfortable in my own skin now is worth so much. Seems I was always worried about things at those ages that just don't matter at all now.

  2. Brenda,I thought that your photo was a picture of Jennifer O'Neill. Seriously beautiful. When we lived in the Colorado Rockies we experienced windy nights like the one you described. Snuggled under quilts is the place to be in such circumstances. xx ~ Nancy

    1. Was she the one in the movie 'Summer of 42" ? That's what this picture reminds me of. You were and still are a beautiful lady.

  3. You look just like Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Beautiful picture. We finally got rain after 50 days of dry weather...not much of it either.

  4. Beautiful photo of you! Absolutely gorgeous!

    We had wind like that a few mornings ago...scary for awhile there.

  5. I sometimes look at photos of a much younger me and think how time has flown by. I am more mature and happier in my own skin now then I ever was. Still I tell my girls to enjoy these years, they do pass quickly!

  6. very pretty photo Brenda. I can see the hope and optimism in your face. Its never too late to have that look in your eye again and I wish it for you.
    my pom girls were all on my daughters queen bed the other night watching it snow. They were mesmerized by it.

  7. Glad you're cozy indoors. Great photo of you! Hugs and stay warm.

  8. Oh my gosh, Brenda! I thought you were a movie star! You were stunningly gorgeous! And I'm sure you still are!

    Our house has been loudly cracking so much this winter with all the minus fifty degree windchills. So frightening!

  9. Oh Brenda...what a lovely picture. Yes, full of hope, no fear, the world at our feet.
    Winter has been difficult this year. Way too cold and no desire to do anything. I
    fear I will loose my mind if I don't warm up!! LOL

  10. Beautiful you in the photo, Brenda. You are so much smarter now and surely you wouldn't want to go back to that age? I would not - I got to 2014 by the grace of God, a lot of prayers and a lot of luck and I am WAY SMARTER than I was when I was 28!

  11. My goodness, were you a model? That is a stunning picture....and we only get more beautiful with age!

  12. Loved seeing your photo...wind I do not like it was blowing 50 to 60 miles per hour last week...hang on to you hats and everything else... :( :(

  13. Brenda! What a beautiful portrait of you! Just stunning! I hope to see it framed soon and displayed in your house!
    I am really tired of being cooped up inside recovery from surgery! We are having a heat wave of 30 degrees today. So off I go to the store to pick up a few things before the next 5 inches of snow get dumped on us!

  14. You DO look like a movie star.. The picture shows a beautiful young woman with a lovely smile on her face.. If only we knew then what we know now..
    The wind has been howling around our front door for the past few nights.. It's a really eerie sound.. I'm glad you live in a strong house.. I wish you could buy it somehow, some way.
    Thinking about you.
    Charlotte in Virginia

  15. Such a great photo, Brenda...I thought you were a movie star, too! I've always been aware of time passing...but it happens so quickly! Lots of wind and cold here lately, was so cold we didn't even put our trash out this week...

  16. What a beautiful picture of yourself. I would be sure to hang this picture up to remind myself of who I really am inside. Like you I am aging gracefully and in some ways not so gracefully.

  17. What a beautiful picture of your 28 year old self, Brenda. Oh- if we only knew the heartaches that would meet us on our walk-maybe a good thing we don't know or we wouldn't have the strength to go on. We are in the midst of a white out snow storm here on the bay- the wind is whipping and I cannot see down to the end of my yard here. I am tired of all the snow- xo Diana

  18. What a gorgeous photo of you! I love the styles of back then. So elegant!

  19. Oh Brenda, the picture is so beautiful. Life seemed so much more carefree back then, at least to me it did. I actually lived on so little money back then and utilities were so much lower, but I always felt like I had money. Today it's staggering at what we have to pay for things. Maybe its better we can't see into the future.

  20. The winds have been ferocious here, too. Last night it sounded like there were a freight train outside. The winds continued today, plus we had some snow. Of course, today was the day that I had to do some grocery shopping. Oh well, it wasn't too bad except for the parts of the road that were in white-out conditions due to the blowing snow.

  21. Oops, once again I hit enter before I was done with my comments! I meant to also say that the photo of you is stunning. You look like a movie star!

  22. What a stunning photo of yourself Brenda!! Stay warm!

  23. What a lovely photo of you. You look like a model. I hope you were as happy as you looked in the photo. We used to live in the Midwest and I don't miss those cold temps or snow, although a little snow once in awhile would be nice. We can get some pretty nasty wind and rain this time of year though.

  24. Brenda, I love this picture of you! You look so happy in it. We have had some pretty cold weather here in LA the past few days. We are NOT used to this. I know it is not as bad here as it is in northern states, but I am so ready for warmer weather.

  25. Girl, you look like you were modeling a beautiful outfit. Life experience is worth so much more then youth.


  26. What a beautiful photo of you....I thought you were a movie star. I was trying to think which one! You are still young my friend! But stay inside during this terrible weather. I know the temps have been incredibly low! Sweet hugs!

  27. Beautiful photo, Brenda. I'm sure you're still beautiful. There's an old saying that youth is wasted on the young. I couldn't agree more. When I was young, I didn't know how to appreciate not only the physical aspects of youth, but the strength that comes with it. Of course, I wouldn't go back to being in my 20's, even 30's, and I'm grateful for the wisdom that comes with age, but if given a chance, I must say I'd surely enjoy going back and re-living my 40's.

  28. Beautiful picture of you, so carefree! Isn't the weather so wacky this winter, I was driving home tonight from picking up my son from school, smooth sailing the entire way when all of a sudden we got hit with a major snow storm. Cars were driving all over the highway, you could not even see the dividing white lines. I have 4wheel drive, so I put on my four-ways, drove slow and before I knew it I had a line of cars following me. Blind leading the blind - ha! Made it home safely, we were not far from home when the storm hit so was glad of that. Weird weather! Stay warm and safe my friend in your sweet cozy home, let the winds outside your window do its thing! Diane

  29. Brenda, that is a wonderful photograph of you. I wish my brain was like the computer, where I could just hit the backspace key and delete the mistakes and hit another key to have Bold printed the good things in my memory. So many times when the kids were little that I was too caught up in getting the everyday things done that I wasn't as appreciative as I should have been. I do wish that I had my younger, non-hurting knees, too.

    We had that roaring wind here, too. Fuzzy kept sniffing the air like he was a wild dog. I wondered what kind of wild animals and scents were in the wind that came past the door frame. He paced and sniffed most of the night. I pulled the covers up and listened to everything blowing around the neighborhood. That kind of loud wind makes me restless and sleepless.

  30. Yeah, they don't build houses like they used to. Glad to know that you're in a well built home. You were so pretty in that picture! I look back at pictures of me when I was younger and think the same thing. If we only knew then what we know now (as they say).

  31. When you asked, "Do you know who this is" my mind started thinking....I know it's some movie star but I can't remember her name, seriously! You are one stunning lady Brenda! But looking at that picture it kind of makes me sad, sad for all the hurt you have encountered, so much for such a beautiful lady to have to bear. I'm glad you are safe with your pupsters in that cement house and all tucked in. Blessings.

  32. What a gorgeous picture of you, my friend. We are going to have a day in the 50s tomorrow and I can't wait. My old joints are definitely not liking all of the cold weather we have had this year. Stay warm. xo Laura

  33. Beautiful photo! I feel much younger than I look these days. Who is that old woman in the mirror who resembles my Grandma Larson, anyway?

  34. Hi Brenda, Your pic at 28 is stunning. It looks like a magazine ad. You are beautiful. Stay safe and warm from the wind and cold.

  35. Your picture almost looks like a painting. Beautiful!

    Stay warm and safe with your pups. Soon enough, Spring will be here.

  36. You do own that house. You own everything inside of your home. I like winds. I wish I could enjoy them and not worry about the power going out. If it was just for a couple of hours it would be okay. But when it last for days and a week, it isn't fun.

  37. Hi Brenda, I do hope you frame that beautiful picture and hang it in a place of honour in the beauty of your decorated walls ........... then post a photo. That is you, years ago, but it was a time and place in the life of you! plus it is such a cool shot!!

  38. Lovely look like a model! Memories of another time! ;)

  39. Did you know that almost every song about Oklahoma the wind is mentioned in it? I have 2 CDs a friend put together for me of Oklahoma songs and it is unique hearing all the references to the wind. Oklahoma is truly the windiest state! After all the wind does come sweeping down the plains. . .

  40. That is a beautiful photo! I definitely thought it was a celebrity!


I always enjoy reading your comments and having you join the conversation here at Cozy Little House. It is like having a gathering of friends sitting in my cozy apartment. Enjoying coffee and dessert, chatting and having a good time. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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