I Ask The Moon & It Asks Me

I asked the moon, and it asked me: "Where is it I'm supposed to be?" "Well," said the moon. "What do you need?" I said: "I need to feel like I've been freed."

"Moon," said I, "I just don't know. Where it is my heart should go?" "Oh," said the moon. "Then you should ask, where is it I left behind a task?"

"What is my task, I ask the moon?" The moon looked down and beamed at me: "That is for you alone to see."

I think you leave a little piece of yourself wherever you go, wherever you live. And you take a piece of that place with you as you travel your life. You leave an indentation that says: "I was here."

You cross water and pass through towns. A place must call out to you in some way, I think. Leave a little memory that calls you back. Wherever that place might be.

I look up at the moon, and see the stars. Beacons in the dark sky. Connect them, I think, and I might have a map.

Look within yourself, and some day you'll see. Where it is you're meant to be. 

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  1. Beautiful! I pray that you find peace, and your "place" of rest.... the place that your heart is so longing to be. We only have one life. (Easier said than done, I realize, but I pray that you find a way..) Hugs and Happy New Year to you!


  2. '
    I love this! Did you write it? I've never heard it before. Such a beautiful and inspiring writing. Loved the photos too!

    Happy New Year,

    1. Yes, it just popped into my head this morning.

  3. This is so incredibly beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes. Brenda, your writing is breathtaking. And the photos are gorgeous. You are truly an amazing lady...

  4. This is so beautiful. Funny, I talk to the moon too! Often ponder what great thoughts it has to share across the moonlit sky. I really think this year will be the year you are asked to write for something, not just your blog. You touch so many hearts with your words.

  5. Brenda, I love that you can put into words these thoughts of yours and then the photos...breath taking. I have felt like this myself and now feel like I am at home. Wishing that for you!

  6. Brenda, as I've said before, you are such a gifted writer you should be writing books. I always enjoy the reflective way you write. Have a beautiful day. Twyla

  7. I believe you are going to find the right path and the place to go with it. I do, indeed.



  8. Amen, Brenda. I am with you- a whippoorwill sometimes-seeing the right spot-wanting to know it is the right spot-hoping it IS the right spot...and still feel pulled sometimes away from it all. We do leave a bit of "us" wherever we go- xo Diana

  9. My dear Brenda.... THAT was unbelievably beautiful! I do believe you DO know where your heart leads you.... East Texas. I will help you however I can to make this journey happen for you dear friend. Keep in touch....


  10. I have thought that maybe you have been hurt so by relatives (possibly they didn't mean to but did anyway) that you cannot really think clearly. Help to heal the pain any way you can. Don't contact those that made you feel bad. They don't understand. You will feel stronger if you let them contact you. Let them lead the conversation if they call. But spend time with Judy when you can. Enjoy whatever you can think of that will bring light to your life. For me right now it is buying gorgeous fabric and thinking of what I want to make. Possibly sell on Esty by Christmas. Pray. Read good books and a good devotional that uses scripture to back up the thoughts. Visit as many antique stores as you can and talk with the owners they like to talk. Don't buy for now. Enjoy the Kurig. Your pups. It takes time to sort out the pain and to pray and to forgive. When you have reached a good place you will know where you belong. It has more to do with what is inside you than others who want you to do this or that. People will disappoint....they are human. I am thinking of moving but seeking guidance and taking my time as I plan it out. Like you I need to know where to go but in the next couple of years I know it will be time to move on. Many thoughts are there with you.

    1. Love your response Rita. I feel like it could have been written directly to me.

  11. A very beautiful post. Wishing you well & much happiness.

  12. Thank you! As if this were for me. For us both..I do agree. We will find our way..someday.

  13. absolutely beautiful writing, and I truly hope you find your "star" to guide you home again Brenda!

  14. Beautiful photos and thoughts...

  15. So beautiful, Brenda, both the photos and the narrative.

  16. What is making you so unhappy? Sometimes life is what you make it.

  17. A Guid New Year to you, Brenda!

    As we say in Scotland - your beautiful writing would "bring a tear to a gless ee" (would bring a tear to a glass eye). So evocative.

  18. You are a vert talented woman. keep strong believe the words you feel and able to write down

  19. I've read this post twice and have sat pondering for the last 10 minutes about what words of wisdom I can share. Alas, all I can think of is you live in a place that keeps you close to Judy, which from my vantage point is huge. It sounds like Judy is a true friend, and that is very, very rare, I don't know the details of what, when, how, etc., but I gather something happened with your daughter(s). But there's a beautiful granddaughter in the mix that you love very much who will grow up all too soon. Don't let her miss out on a relationship with her grandma if you can help it.

    I think when our hearts hurt, we will never feel whole or that we truly belong anywhere. Heal first...as you said, 'let go', then move forward. Maybe that does mean moving, or maybe it means taking joy in the little things...the pups, blogging, your cute little house, knowing a huge number of people are pulling for you.

    Peace and contentment to you Brenda. (((Hugs)))

  20. Brenda, you have a way with words that boggles my mind. If anybody should be writing books, it is you. You reach the depths of peoples' hearts and souls when you write. I hope a lot of people contact you about their missing loved ones, because it will be a powerful, heartfelt book that honors them.

  21. Like Donna and the others have said, you write so beautifully. Such truth and such heart and soul in the words you put together. Someone once told me that you "teach others how you want to be treated" and I try to remember this when I am in a terse situation.

    Brenda, I hope that this year is an awesome one for you. Fresh starts are good.


    PS: I love THE BLACKLIST!!

  22. You be careful back there with that freezing cold weather. Hope you have supplies and can hunker down for a while.

  23. If we lived close, we'd be friends.

    1. Brenda, your poem reminds me of a little poem my Mom taught me when I was young:
      'I see the moon and the moon sees me.
      God bless the moon and God bless me!'
      That made a quick nite-time prayer.

      Here are some words of wisdom, start everything you do with forgiveness - forgiveness is the KEY to everything, disappointments, relationships, envy, indecisiveness, everything...

  24. Beautiful writing! I think the freedom comes from inside of you. Happiness isn't a place you live in, it's what's in your thoughts and what you make of where you are. There's a saying.. 'wherever I go, there I am'. Until you heal your insides, it doesn't matter where you live. That's my thought and it's something I have to work on everyday. Making myself content where I am in my life, is a work in progress.

  25. Words are therapeutic in themselves, and when you pair them with beautiful photos of your current world, well, even the moon can take a break and enjoy the freedom.


  26. Beautiful!!!! Maybe the answer lies within your heart and ours!!!! I love your writing and pictures!!!


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