Inspired To Do Laundry

Raising Up Rubies has created a wonderful laundry space area anyone would be happy to do laundry in.

A room addressed to days gone by.

You might come into this room and perhaps get so caught up in gazing at the pretties, that all thoughts of washing towels and clothing could be forgotten for a time. 

Makes me wish I had a laundry space. My washer/dryer is stacked in the linen closet!

Perky, whimsical and playful is how I would describe this colorful room.

A glass and a ceramic canister covered in flowers and accented in yellow are a perfect touch.

Pom-pom flowers in a green vintage jar make one smile.

What is your favorite thing about this laundry room?

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  1. This is beautiful!! Would give anything for the stack washer and dryer.. How much do they go for these days?

  2. I love it all! Makes me want to get motivated to do my laundry room. I really like the yellow floral canister!

  3. The other day I got so caught up on Janet Hill's Etsy that I did forget to read the whole post. My laundry room is pretty sassy...I am going to add a big embroidery hoop with bright color fabric...probably orange since I am so drawn to it lately. That embroidery hoop alone is very expensive new...hopefully at one of my junk stores I can find one used....and if I can't find the hoop at a reasonable price, then I will be making that darling joy sign.


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