It's A Cream Life

I seem to be running across bloggers loving the pastels. I know many of you though, like the more muted colors.

This is Paula's blog, Cream Life.

Our kitchens simply do not look like theirs, I'm sure you've noticed. (Did you get a gander at the pink Smeg?)

Here's what she has to say about herself...
Hi everybody! My name's Paula, I'm a wife, teacher and above all mum of two wonderful girls, Anna and Emma. I've always had a passion for cozy and lived-in homes. I love shabby chic, the romanticism of cottages Inglese and the light of Nordic country style, plus provencal interiors. Most of all I like meeting new people to share with them a piece of my life ...

On my Pinterest Board, I call these little cuties Wee Wonderfuls.

Oh, those brilliant shades of blue.

Layers of luscious pastel pie.

Pretty quilt.


Pretty lacy linens.

A fire to keep warm.

Her cream life is much like a dream life, don't you think?

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  1. Love it---especially the kitchen!

  2. I love Paula's wonderful home, especially the living room. It looks so comfortable! The pastel colors are very pretty. Also, love the pink Smeg!

  3. Another great blog.

    She has a great decorating sense.

  4. I've been looking at sofas for the last few years, and you've just shown me one that I could love. That retro blue sofa could move into my house at any time! I love her style. I've been smitten with those little mice for the past year and I'll share one that was gifted to me on my next post. I've got a Wee Wonders board for the little furniture I'm drawn to. Great minds think alike, right?!

  5. I went to your Color My Decor board and found my invitation there. Thanks, Brenda!

  6. This is such a pretty home! I love the retro vibe in the kitchen but my heart was really won over by the floral chair. It reminds me of Cabbages & Roses fabric.



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