Jane Coslick's Colorful Cottage Designs

Jane Coslick is a designer known for her colorful beach house designs and decor. The house above, which hails from the fifties, is one she helped to resurrect to its current style.

If you look over into the corner between couch and loveseat, you see their fun version of a Christmas tree.

The pairing of blue and green is very popular. The added orange garden stool gives it a perky fun look.

I think the orange-y color is actually coral. Do you agree? It's popular now as well.

The bedroom is more understated.

Whimsical paintings paired together.

Another bedroom.

The welcoming porch.

It is a Mermaid Rental Cottage on Tybee Island when the owners are away.

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  1. I've seen a few pictures of this cottage before. I had forgotten how playful and charming it is! I like the periwinkle coffee table in the living room. So unexpected! And yes, it seems to me that the orange is actually coral.

  2. I've seen many cottages decorated by Jane Costlick. Tybee Island, GA is one of my favorite get-aways. I've stayed their twice and absolutely love the charm and simplicity of the island. It's one of those places that hasn't been taken over by millionaires yet.

  3. Hi. This post brought back memories of a couple of visits I made to a relative's vacation condo in Florida, back in the late '80s/early '90s. The walls and floor coverings were in neutral shades, but turquoise, light blue, and coral accents were used throughout the condo. It was all very airy and light, and so appealing. It's an ageless look, obviously, but the lime green accents and the zebra print shown here look like ways to update it. As a way to keep the look with her throughout the year, my relative decorated her bedroom in these colors in her main home in a more northern state. The rest of her house had the more traditional forest green, navy, and burgundy popular at the time, but she could escape back to the seaside when she went into her bedroom!


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