January's Cold Days

The snow still lingers. Now just patches of white among dead grass. 

The dogs are bored. Charlie just wants to go outside. He doesn't much care about the weather. 

Abi looks balefully out onto the street, hoping for a mailman or something to appear so that she can gather her energy to bark. 

I don't know about other dogs, but my dogs can hear a Fed Ex truck blocks away. They jump up on the couch and start barking as though there is danger just around the corner, heading their way. 

And then I'll see a Fed Ex truck drive past. And they are a flurry of barking and jumping.

This deep red blooming Bromeliad makes me smile every day. I sit in my chair in the corner, and it is right there within my sight to enjoy.

I've been reading John Grisham's Sycamore Row. I hadn't read any of his books for some years. But the man does not disappoint. 

He still can produce razor-sharp dialogue. His writing is outstanding. One of those books that's hard to put down. 

But then my eyelids grow heavy, and I feel my body relaxing and I turn off the lamp. The dogs settle into the quilt and snooze. About three or four times a night they wake me to go out. 

I stand at the back door shivering, watching the black night for two little creatures to appear on the porch and make a run for the door. They're immensely entertaining. Then it's back to bed to snooze some more.

And now I'm headed to the kitchen to start my morning coffee. That first taste is always the best. A bit of half & half, stirred, and it's off to the chair in the corner to start work for the day.
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  1. Hi Brenda! Sounds like it's still bitterly cold at your house. It's very cold here too, for our island anyway. I love those little tiny animals around your little red truck. The doggies are so cute and Chloe Dawn has those kind of ears too. She sounds like she would tear the mail man up - of course she would never even bite a flea! But she's a good little watch dog. Enjoy your day.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  2. It's January, time to rest, and reflect, dream, and think ahead to spring.


  3. Inside is the best place to be during this weather. We have a cheery woodstove. It is so soothing to watch the flames from a cozy armchair.

  4. Hi Brenda,
    Your home looks so cozy....I love the look of your blog. Thanks so much for being such a wonderful inspiration to me.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  5. Brenda, that's why my days are like here too. Very cold and I have no incentive to go outdoors! I always have a good book going, and I love John Grisham! I read his first few and then haven't read any for years. I got one from the library last week, a newer one, and it was great, could NOT put it down! So he is still turning those books out, left and right! A good book, a comfy chair, a cup of tea (and some cookies of course) and a nice view out the window, and I'm a happy girl! (and of course, I love my computer, love research too, and love my blog).

  6. January 6th is the date that you are most tired according to the news. I am not a good sleeper but recently I just want to sleep like a bear and wake up in the spring. The TV reporter quote "it will get better". Yesterday I had to go out and I just didn't want too, today is a much better day. Did some chores and I will get to read later tonight - best thing is I don't have to cook dinner. I have a little bit of the January blues but I have a long bucket list and as soon as I get things in order I will be better. I need about a week. It is good to have a 'to do' list; the feeling of getting things done is very rewarding for me. Thanks for listening.

  7. You have such a beautiful and comfortable home. I am in love with your enchanting style! The truck arrangement is so creative.

    I always love seeing and hearing about your adorable pupsters. They're so sweet. Their actions are really entertaining!

    In Minnesota, we deal with a lot of dangerous black ice. Please stay in until it is all gone...

  8. Oh my why do the dogs need to go out at night. I would die if I had to get up that many times. Sort of like a baby. I think maybe it is a habit and they just want to go out and patrol and sniff. Fun for them but cold for you. Hang in there. Spring can't be too far off.

  9. This Grisham book has finally brought back my favorite character from A Time to Kill. It was by far Matthew McConnehey's (sp?) best movie. He did a very good job acting in it. Cutest pic of Charlie here!

  10. This stuff outside keeping me hostage in my home is getting very annoying. Your dogs are so precious. The sun will shine again and I will get out of here. Stay warm.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. OOps I hit the wrong key! So anyway... The entire city of 300000 people was shut down on Monday. Only emergency folks could be out! My drive to work usually takes me 15 min. yesterday and today it was 45 min of intense driving! The interstate was a horrible mess! So many wrecks! I went to the grocery on Sat prior to the storm... It was sooo funny to look at other peoples carts! Some had 8-10 packs to toilet paper, some had carts over flowing with cases of beer and wine! I wanted some potatoes to throw in with a roast on Sunday but they were completely sold out of potatoes! Then I went to the meat dept and ALL the breakfast sausage was sold out! So I guess everyone in Ft Wayne was eating potatoes and breakfast sausage and drinking beer and wine! Too Funny! All of our school systems are still out! Its been a long time since we have had temps THIS cold! Back in 85 our low was -8, so we a record! I hate to see my heat bill ! The furnace never stops! Its getting better though! We are currently at a balmy 14!! If I didnt have to go to work, I'd be inside like you! I had so many clothes on I felt like I couldnt walk right! BRRRRRRR!!!!

    I love your red truck with the cows in the back! Really cute!

    Stay comfy and cozy!


  13. Hope that it's warming up a bit where you live. I'm sure your area was hit hard with the deep freeze! My dog has been bored too. He's short haired and not tolerant of the cold. He doesn't stay out too long this time of year. It's amazing how good their ears are huh? I'm thankful for the "heads up" when my dog barks. He lets me know if someone is walking up the driveway or at the door. At least your dogs have each other to keep them company though. Mine is all alone except for us!

  14. Hubby and I don't do Christmas gifts for each other but I did break down and buy him Grisham's new book. He loves them and I like them also. Sounds like you got hit with the miserable cold, too. Have a good night, Brenda- xo Diana

  15. I have stuck close to home as well. Everyday I go out on my front porch. I breath in the fresh cold air and look at the beautiful Colorado blue sky. Then I head back in where it is nice, warm and cozy.

    I have a recently vacated white ceramic pot (previous host succumbed to something). Maybe a Bromeliad.....yours is certainly cheerful.

  16. I stayed in yesterday, and was thankful I was able to. I just went out to the garage to gather some boxes and started to do some packing in preparation for our move in March. Today I will get out and do a few things...WW weigh in, mani pedi, etc I turn 60 on Monday and have to start getting BOOTYFUL ;)

    Grisham is fabulous, but he's got nuttin' on you Brenda. Reading your posts is like therapy to me.

    Btw, I can't believe the pups are getting you up three times a night. That would drive me nuts because once I wake up I have a hard time falling back asleep.

    It's freezing here too, but getting warmer every day thank goodness!

  17. Sounds like a good schedule to me. Our Yorkie has to be let out during the night as well. We put them on a lead attached to the outside of the door. That way they don't run away. One Yorkie, one Springer.....our Mutt and Jeff.
    I have left the house to take care of my grands. When I don't have to go anywhere, I don't. I am careful and wear my big ole boots. Nothing unnecessary by all means. I dre, finlor a few minutes. While I was there the repairman called and said they were on the way. That ended my trip.....but thank goodness I got some dog food. I am lucky to have my hubby to stop at the store for me but he works so many hours a day that I hate to make him stop. Take care and keep on doing what you are doing. Hug those fur babies for me.

  18. I really want to read Sycamore Row. I will have to look into joining your book club! My pups do not like this weather at all. My beagle sits on the porch and stares balefully through the window at me. To get her to do any kind of business, I have to walk out into the yard with her! I hope you and your pups stay warm and cozy, Brenda!

  19. I haven't been out much at all lately, Brenda, as most of you know I don't have a car in the winter because of that fancy beast sitting in the garage. I grab Abby's car when she's home or have Emily drag me around like an old lady. So...sometimes it gets to me and other times it's a great excuse to be home when I'm feeling lazy! lol! But it's cold out there and very little to do other than simple errands and grocery shopping.

    My dogs have only one bad habit and that's barking at anybody that comes to the door or spotting the mailman or delivery trucks. Hubby can make them stop barking but they ignore me. And as for letting them out at night, their curfew is 8:00. Even in the city we have racoons, opossums and the occasional fox or coyote. They are lured by the trash cans in the alleys and probably all the restaurants. We usually have a family of opossums burrowed under our shed every spring. Layla cornered one once, six times her size. He played dead. So I don't mess with the nocturnal critters around here at night and so far I've never had the dogs have an emergency. Can you cut off their water and food at say 7:00 pm?

    You must be so tired of me giving you my advice! Ha Ha!

    Take care and stay warm. Keep those burners heated, girl!!


  20. My dogs are bored as well. Just too cold to send them outside and even their walks are shorter. Stay warm!


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