Jenna's House From Color Drunk Designs

I seem to remember painting my youngest daughter's room this bright grassy green color when she was an infant. 

This is undoubtedly GREEN. However the thinly striped rug does tone it down a bit.

This is the home of Jenna of Color Drunk Designs.

Could you live with this blossoming shade of pink in your bathroom?

Her bedroom is toned down a bit. There's that green and turquoise combination I've been seeing.

Her kitchen would look like it came from another house, but for the curtains at either end.

This living space is relatively mild. Do you notice how the neutral rug seems to drain color from the patterns in the room. If you want to tone down a room, go for a neutral rug.

The utility room is calm and collected.


I could go for this one. Except for the drapes you can see at the far left.

What do you think of the bright pink with the brassy gold frame?

Purple, or rather a deep lilac, paired with chartreuse and a dose of pink thrown in. The wallpaper pattern bleaches some of the brightness out of the rest of the room.

And the grand finale a green and orange. But then her business is called Color Drunk Designs...

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  1. Jenna's home is very colorful and lovely. The bright pink with the gold frame is an interesting look. I'm not sure how I feel about the orange and bright pink child's room! But, I love all the turquoise!

  2. I LOVE this house! Absolutely adore her style. If I was a lot younger I would run to HD right now and start buying up paint! But this is definitely a very youthful home. So fresh and unstuffy. I think the crispness keeps the color from being too overwhelming, don't you think? There are many contemporary elements here but to me it still has a kind of vintage vibe. And the moldings, swooooon. My LR used to be that same pretty shade of aqua and this makes me want to take it right back. Funny too that her brights are all the colors of my grandmother's painting in our DR, that I have been trying to work more of into our home. Great pick Brenda, very inspiring!!


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