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Well, what an exciting week. I finished John Grisham's Sycamore Row, his book that contains the same character as his first book twenty some odd years ago. Full circle. I hope to read more about Jake Brigance, the attorney. It was a great read. 

Our February book is Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch, and I just thumbed through it last night. It is one LONG book! Nearly 800 pages. I'd better get started. I usually catch an hour or so of reading at night. I'm too busy online during the day. 

And then of course there was The Black List on Monday night, highly anticipated. I've had some readers say they've already watched that episode several times in the past few days. I also found that NBC (online) shows all the back episodes in case you missed them and want to catch up. 

I have watched some videos and an interview with James Spader here. Episodes here. Actually I think you can watch the episodes on both sites. 

AND. If you just can't get enough of the new hit TV drama, The Black List, you can shop here at the NBC Universal Store. 

I watched the clips just so I could see Reddington/Spader with some of his famous quips I so enjoyed from various episodes. I could watch the one where Lizzie asks in the beginning why she is to believe him a hundred times. Spader laughs and tells her of course she shouldn't believe him. He is a criminal and everyone knows they lie. 

I have no idea what other new shows are showing this season. But this one grabbed me immediately. For a person who doesn't watch much TV, that says a lot.

I finally got out this morning and did some photographing. Not many birds flying about right now. There's usually a rascally squirrel doing silly things though. 

HOUZZ yesterday had an article I enjoyed (full of pretty photos of course) called Rejuvenate Your Home With  Deep-Rooted Traditions. Might want to check that out here.

The other day I was reading about individuals who build their own community of homes. It was very interesting. I just can't recall where I saw it online. Instead of neighborhoods and sub-divisions built by builders with their own ideas in mind, this was like-minded groups of 20 or so people who got together, purchased land, and conceptualized their dreams together.  

They got together and mapped out what kinds of homes they wanted to live in; whether it be small houses or condominiums or whatever. Then they decided, for instance, if they wanted a common garden where they all worked and benefited from. What kind of landscaping they wanted. How close together the homes would be. 

The great thing was that they made their own goals into their own communities. I find that quite fascinating and will have to dig more into this. Just imagine being able to choose your neighbors!

Well, off to have my morning coffee. 

This morning (I normally post twice a day here) on Color My Decor, we are looking at: A Trip To Curlew Country. Here is a sneak peek...

Yesterday we looked at artist Janet Hill's paintings.

I am having so much fun with my two new blogs! It's a lot of work, but I truly enjoy it. 

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  1. Oh, I am obsessed with Janet Hill's paintings. I think I spent several hours on her etsy shop yesterday; browsing... until payday and I am going to treat myself to two prints....and then two prints next month and on and on I could go. And I love The Blacklist. It is my favorite show. He has the most wicked sense of humor!

  2. I'm enjoying both blogs and getting lots of good ideas-thanks!!

  3. I really enjoyed the Grisham book. I need to start our Feb book as someone else told me it is a long one also!

  4. I'm enjoying your blogs, sorry I haven't taken time to comment. It's been busy around here lately.

  5. I am going to have to stop being friends with you if you keep getting me hooked on things. Now I am watching about the 4th episode in a row of The BlackList. Bloody as it is- I love it- Spader is phenomenal in the part he takes. If I don't surface tomorrow please come find me-I will be in a Black List coma!!!!! Just picked Grisham's book up for hubby and after he reads it I will, too. xoDiana

  6. I finally finished The Goldfinch. It is not only long, but it is a book that requires spending real time reading. Such an excellent writer. Now that I have recovered from this weeks The Blacklist, I can't wait for Monday. I'm ready to move into your community. xo Laura

  7. I read the Grissom book and LOVED it! Couldn't put it down. Reading while the bathtub filled. Reading while cooking dinner. Reading until 1:00AM. I hope he does another book with the Jake character too. A Time to Kill was a VERY GOOD movie too.

  8. I loved the Grissom book, his best in years, but thought the ending was a little too pat.

    You are going to be riveted by The Goldfinch.

  9. I love both your blogs too and your pinterest boards. Just to let you know that your hard work is really appreciated, Brenda. Thank you.

  10. Brenda...I seriously didn't know your other blogs were up and running. I thought I would see something like a link on your sidebar. So I popped over and subscribed. They look really interesting.

    I never caught Blacklist. I am such a slug with TV as far as planning to watch something. Yet, if I walk by the TV, I can get drawn in instantly to just about anything, it's addicting. So I have been thinking about watching all the episodes on a show, just haven't picked one. Mad Men would be great, I love the 60's. And everyone raves about Downton Abbey, so that might be fun. I should probably do it up at the lake where my life is slower. Ha!



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