One Small But Very Cool Kitchen

I adore this kitchen. All 84 square feet of it. The blogger behind this kitchen is Butterfly And Bungalow.

 (You can see it here.)

And what is exceptionally cool, is that it was featured at Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn for Small Cool Kitchens 2013. Now that's quite a feat!

I love her open shelves. I think it gives a clean, organized and colorful way to show off your favorite kitchen things.

But my very favorite thing about this kitchen has to be the blue Smeg refrigerator. I am in love with retro appliances. And Smeg is at the top of the list.

You'd be able to find your spices easily in this nicely organized drawer. Love the handles on the front too.

This is just an example of what you can do in a small space. Work with what you have. 

In this old 1940's fixer-upper cottage in a funky, urban neighborhood, they have been doing it DIY style. And adding a flavor of French and Swedith country. With, she adds, a sprinkle of Southwest.

You can see other Small Cool Kitchens here at The Kitchn.

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  1. This kitchen is charming...very usable...with real character!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this kitchen!!

  3. They did a FABO job with that adorable and awesome kitchen!!

  4. I love the kitchen! It's so adorable.


  5. Such a cute kitchen and so much character packed into a small space. That fridge really is super cute!

  6. Darling kitchen! That fridge looks like one I remember my Mom and Dad having at one point and time!


  7. Thank you, Brenda! So sweet of you! It looks so nice here and the article is well done! XOXO Susan

  8. Such a fresh and yet functional kitchen. But it's not the fridge that I'm taken with, it's her wonderful stove! I can only wish for one like it.

  9. thats adorable and so well utilized too....
    you find the best "small space" samples, Brenda....

  10. Love that kitchen! Seems like a place where chocolate chip cookies would always be baking!

  11. What an adorable kitchen! I love how there are just two little tables on either side of the stove and that creates the counters. It's so simple but it looks perfect!

  12. I have followed Butterfly and Bungalow for quite awhile. They have done so much work on their home and I love seeing the clever projects she creates. Her kitchen is wonderful.

  13. Cute! Love the open shelving and the soft colors.

  14. Definitely love this small kitchen. It doesn't even feel very small with they way it is organized and designed. Love the cozy.

  15. I love Butterfly & Bungalow's kitchen. I'm redoing my small kitchen this year and hers is one of my inspiration!


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