Isn't this a lovely little spot? This blog is called Punktchengluck. No, I can't pronounce it. Can you?

This is Dana. Here's what she says about herself...

I am married and mom of four children. I sew, crochet and werkele as it's fun. I hope you like my little world and a spot of luck jumping over.

(I have no idea what werkele is. Something German, I imagine.)

She cans up what looks to me to be jellies or preserves.

Sews cute rabbits and sticks them inside a white picket fence.

Does embroidery. I love embroidery. So many pretty colors of floss to be had!

What a sweet little spot to sit and gaze outside.

These little lovelies remind me of the colors of sherbet.

Well, that was an enchanting visit, wasn't it? Even if we can't pronounce where we were!

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  1. Yes, that certainly was a delightful visit. A very whimsical blog! I love the way she combines many pastel colors together.

    I really love all colors! I enjoy looking at them all. The lively brights, and the pretty pastels. And even white. Thanks for featuring them all!

  2. Brenda,
    Her quilt and cute dolls are by Tone Finnanger, sometimes referred as Tilda's World. The quilt on the back of her couch is from the book "Sew Pretty Homestyle" I adore anything by Tone Finnanger. It is a fit for the style I love, which is Swedish/Danish/Norwegian. I really love this blog of yours, just as much as I have always loved Cozy Little House. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Deb Price

  3. I can't wait to get over there and explore more.

    I am in Utah right now with very poor internet. It is surprising because we are in a Marriott just a block from the capital.

  4. What a magical little cottage! Dana must be young at heart. I have to go have a look at her blog. Thanks! :)



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