Red Retro Appliances

This fridge is not very big. More suited to a dorm room. But it's red! And it's retro! And it's under $300!

And there's a red retro microwave too. Isn't it just the cutest? Those two are from Best Buy

Have a look at this Big Chill dishwasher panel. Now I could get to loving this!

Here's an under the counter fridge by Big Chill. I think I could get all my stuff in that if I had to. Because it's red!

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  1. cute appliances.. I know you LOVE red and this proves it:)

  2. These appliances are wonderful! So cheerful! I especially love the adorable microwave. Growing up, we had a refrigerator with door handles like in the first picture.

  3. How fun, Brenda! I just bought a retro red HOT DOG maker and used it the last couple of days while the girls were here. I just adore much fun! xoDiana

  4. The red is so fun, I'd love them in pink too! Laura

  5. I went to a new friend's house on New Year's Eve and all her kitchen cabinets were painted RED!!! I could not stop looking at them and oohing and aahing over them. It was so awesome looking!!! That dishwasher panel, I wonder if it could go on front of my current dishwasher, I'm going to look into it! Mary

  6. For a permanent red lover, like you, these are great.

  7. I bought a new Kitchen Aid toaster in red.. When my microwave "dies" I'm going to get a red one.
    I need another refrigerator/freezer combination.. Would love one in red. I need one bigger than the one you show though.. ;o(
    Charlotte in Virginia

  8. Brenda your playing with fire here! I love me so red, and now I feel like I've got to have some red appliances too! LOL.

  9. I love these too. Bright and cheery! Your featherweight is red too right? Love these. Thanks for sharing. Stay warm!


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