Red & White At Vibeke Design

I've spent a good bit of time trying to figure out where this blogger, Vibeke Design, not of the US, hails from. But have not been successful thus far. If you know, please say.

My point is to show you that many decorators choose to have a white canvas on which to display their array of colors. This is one of them. And she does it quite successfully.

A white slate.

For those of you who think it has to be an either/or decision, just take a look at Vibeke Design. It doesn't have to be either a blanket of white and neutrals, or a bevy of color. This proves that you can have both.

Now we shall watch her add the lovely combination of red and white to her home and gardens.

Color is merely our hearts way of expressing ourselves.

On her blog are the words..."You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

A bright red door says something about the person residing inside, don't you think?

So on this very first day of a new year, 2014, let us color lovers continue to embrace what makes our eyes shine in delight. To let our unique personalities shine through in every colorful nook and cranny of our homes. And to remember that there are no rules.

Just follow your heart when it comes to color.

 The talented woman behind this beautiful home.

Happy New Year!


  1. By looking at what she is wearing and the fabric patterns on her blog, I would guess one of the Scandinavian countries. I really hope someone knows for sure! I just love red and white.

    I am enjoying this new blog immensely...

  2. So beautiful inspirational images!

  3. I follow her blog and it's translated from Norwegian, so I assume she's from Norway. Her photos are breathtaking and almost always filled with red accents. You've chosen some of my favorites, Brenda!

  4. In one of her posts she says "Greetings from Norway!"

  5. In one of her posts she says "Greetings from Norway!"

  6. Love your new blog! I subscribe by email and I must say its so nice not to have to click anywhere! Really love the red and pretty.

  7. Hello Brenda :)
    Thank you for your wonderful words and showing my pictures on your blog :)) And yes I am from beautiful Norway :)

    All the best

  8. Oh so pretty!! Red and white are my favorites.


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