Red's Retribution (The Black List)

I knew after Anslo Garrick gunned down Luli, there was going to be massive retribution. Hell to pay. And there was.

Red, though exhausted by long stretches of torture by Anslo, still managed to kill the man he'd disfigured at some point in time. There was no way he would get by with killing Luli.

This was a tender moment on Red's part, a side of him not often seen. As he gazes at the woman who perhaps he loved, perhaps he didn't, he knows she has lost her life because of him.

This sets up a series of scenes where Red systematically exacts his own revenge upon the participants in his torture and his loss of Luli.

Then Red was seen here, and I understood the simple pine box. He would not be burying Luli. He would take her ashes and let them blow upon the sea, a fitting last gift to her. From a man who appreciates freedom and all its qualities.

But now Red has a lot to accomplish. There would be no scenes of him sitting, legs crossed, sipping fine wine. For sixty minutes, Reddington was one busy man. Meting out justice on his own terms.

Meanwhile, there was this. A troubled man, due to his mother's treatment of him and likely a predisposition for sociopathy. Making sure mother watched. (The Good Samaritan role was played by Frank Whaley. You may remember him in Pulp Fiction.)

FBI Director Cooper has put Lizzie back on the streets to try to catch him, in the hope that Reddington will reach out to her so they can capture Red again. He has been, as the cop shows always say, in the wind.

Lizzie is ultimately to discover that The Good Samaritan is a locum tenens ER nurse, who moves about hospitals where he is needed by contract. Which is probably why he hasn't been caught. 

The elderly mother seemed both mute and unable to move her facial features. I was reminded of a phrase I often heard as a child: "If you make that ugly face long enough, it might freeze that way." How many of us wondered if this was true? 

She watches with watery eyes, seemingly trapped inside her own body, as her very intelligent but homicidal son shows her what torture truly is. An eye for an eye. You had to have a little sympathy for his plight. Because she made him who he was, after all.

You sometimes hear: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." But I can assure you that what happens in childhood does not stay there. It follows you the rest of your days.

Lizzie's phone rings at home and it is Red. He knows she is looking into the Good Samaritan case. Red gives her a significant hint about the case, saying that maybe she should look into how the Samaritan tortures his victims to see if there is some pattern there. 

Liz figures out that the latest Samaritan victim was given the exact same injuries her child suffered from. Indicating that the child was abused by his now dead mother.

Which sets up the profile of The Good Samaritan and his possible motives.

Don't you wonder how this slightly built man manages to get his oftentimes much larger victims into his little death chamber/operating room? After all, the abusive husband was a big man. But then we all know that spurts of adrenaline can give a person a power he normally doesn't have.

Then the mystery of who this man (played by Alan Alda) was came to light. A man in power, compromised by his own greed and malice. Sitting across from FBI Director Diane Fowler (played by Jane Alexander).

Meanwhile Red is interrogating FBI Tech Analyst, Aram. He tells him to wire an untraceable transaction of $5 million dollars into one of his accounts. And if he cannot do so in the time it takes Red to take apart his Colt 45 and reassemble it (two minutes), then he will shoot him. This is to see if Aram is the mole. 

Aram manages to click away at the computer furiously in the time allotted him and manages the task, at which time Red says the the untraceable transaction proves that Aram is not the mole at the FBI.

But then Red has even more to do to tie up loose ends. He goes into a restaurant and shoots a bunch of body guards belonging to a man named Theodore. Red has deduced that Theodore is the one who paid off all the underlings. Like the medic and the doctor who helped torture him, all paid in cash in small bills. They would dearly pay for taking a side job to make a fast buck.

And then there's the scene where Red goes to visit the banker, Henry, at Henry’s home. He knows Henry set up a dummy bank transaction to set up Aram. Red shoots Henry in the leg at the dinner table where stroganoff is about to be served by Henry's unknowing wife. 

Red shoves her into a closet because she won't stop screaming. Then, when she still will not shut up, he tells her he doesn't want to have to shoot through the door because he won't know where he's aiming.

“I want a name, Henry” he says. “Newton Phillips,” says Henry. Red leaves Henry alive. Red strolls out, telling the wife he will have to have that stroganoff another time. He just loves stroganoff.

Red works his way through the tangled web and exacts his revenge, not looking the least bit tired as he strolls into Lizzie's home.

She thinks it's Tom, willing to talk instead of taking the flight to Nebraska to interview for a teaching position at a school there. When she sees it is Reddington, she asks where he's been. (Oh my, where hasn't he been!)

Reddington glibly, with that straight poker face he characteristically uses, tells her he has been cleaning up his house. But that she has not. (We assume this means Tom.)

Which brings us around to seemingly innocuous and bespectacled Tom. Who Red keeps warning her about.

Will Tom take a job in Nebraska? And exactly who is he? The mystery simmers but doesn't come to the surface in any of the episodes. Yet.

Stay tuned for next week's episode of The Black List. I think maybe there are only a couple of new ones left...

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  1. I've never watched this show but James Spader is an amazing actor.

  2. Wonderful re-cap and I love this show! I watch 3 shows a week and this one has quickly become my favorite! I can't wait to find out what Tom is really involved in.


  3. Great recap!! I recently found this show on Netflix and was immediately addicted! The story is compelling, however the main reason is the sexy and talented James Spader!! :)

  4. Just like when I'm watching the show and all of its twists and turns, I was smiling reading your recap. It is one great show! I think it's been renewed for 22 shows this season, so if that is true, we still have 21 more exciting evenings!

  5. I have not followed this show but want to since I have been hearing so many good things about it. Hope it is on Netflix.

  6. La la la la la...plugging, ears and eyes, lol...I have it on PVR and haven't seen it yet...but oh do I want to. Now I am going to bookmark this post so I can watch the show, and then read the post after.


  7. watched it last night and again this morning:) I believe thats called an addiction lol.. Love JS's acting- doesnt strike me as sexy but I love to see him play a part..He's mesmerizing..
    He was born on a 7 day and that always makes the best actors..

    I hope your post gets lots o folks who perhaps havent watched, watching....

  8. Brenda, Brenda, Brenda. I had never seen this show before. OMGOSH! I have loved James Spader from the first time I ever saw him...but in this part---wow. He is unbelievable. I would never thought that he had that side to him. Amazing talent. I need to go back and watch some of the earlier shows so I know what is going on. I will say the show is a bit more brutal and bloody that I expected-or than I like but James Spader drew me in. xo Diana

  9. Just found your blog this week and love it. Now I know we are like minds, I am so addicted to Blacklist.
    What do you really think is going on with Tom?

  10. Hi Brenda, I have not seen this show either but have been a fan of James Spader too. Your post makes me want to start up with this as it sounds so good. Thanks for sharing.

  11. We are going to watch this show on demand from the beginning...guess I have some catching up to do. I have caught bits and pieces while getting ready for bed and I think I/we would enjoy it.

  12. Loving this show, you did an excellent recap. I had to fast forward and close my eyes through the torture scene with the big guy, I'm really squeamish, lol!! Tom is really being passive aggressive with his job interview isn't he. I don't like him, I always wonder what evil lies behind his benign gaze........

  13. I dosed off after seeing him shoot the guy in the leg with his wife in the closet....briefly remember seeing Alan Alda and saying to husband...."Oh I love Alan Alda"......loved your re-cap and was hoping the end would bring the mystery of what's up with the killers mother....well...I guess I will need to stay awake and pay more attention next week....and I thought Tom ended up not to be a bad guy....guess I dosed off at some other point also....

  14. It's a fast paced show certainly. Not one you can watch when you aren't paying close attention!

  15. Love the show, haven't missed an episode. I am so curious about Tom and what he is all about. I guess we will have to watch to find out! Thanks for the great update!

  16. I love this show and James Spader! Some complained about all the killing, but I would expect nothing less from Red!! Can't wait to see next weeks show.

  17. I, too, have not missed an episode. I love the fact that Red is neither entirely evil nor entirely good. It's had to hate him (especially in scenes where he plays a cold blooded killer) when he comes up with all of his 'good deeds'. I think this is the best series for twists and turns. Great recap Brenda......................


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