Silly Old Suitcase

Are you sitting down? You are in for such a treat. I found this talented woman at a blog called Silly Old Suitcase, and you will not believe what she makes. What I'm about to show you. And yes, she has an Etsy store. 

Here's what she writes on her blog...

Hello ... Hello ...

I'm Maartje.
Zeeland in South Limburg.
Mother of three lovely girls.
Wife of a sweet man.
Own a head full of ideas and a crazy old suitcase filled with treasures.

silly old suitcase

In the attic, I once found a crazy, old suitcase. This case is like a treasure chest filled with the finest gold. The content makes me happy, fabric, buttons, beads, paper, recipes, retro and vintage treasures...

 Every day I open the suitcase and then I find so much beauty and inspiration to make things and write about. I cherish this crazy old suitcase suitcase filled with treasures ...

And now...just enjoy...

You simply will not believe all the jewelry she makes. It is beyond stunning.


Becomes this...

Becomes this...

And ends up this.

This woman is a master with fabric and yarn and beads. Has your jaw simply dropped? You can close your mouth now. A fly might fly in.

Go to her blog and you will see.

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  1. So much colour-it was wonderful!
    I will definitely visit her blog.
    Thank you for introducing Maarjte.

  2. You are killing me. I will never be able to keep up with all the fun blogs you are leading me to.

  3. I need to learn how to crochet if only to make a rag rug or two! Very creative lady!

  4. I just got back from a vacation. Can't wait to read all the posts I missed. What an enjoyable way to spend the day!

    Such colorful and creative treasures! Impossible for me to even pick a favorite. On my way to explore her blog further...

  5. Another one I have to visit. Thanks for creating this blog Brenda. I also enjoy your other one too.

  6. I am in awe of this new blog.. It is so very well written.. and you have found so many and different
    unique and interesting blogs... Thanks for this.. I follow your regular blog.. but had no idea.. that
    this was so great.. Many thanks.. so fun to see all of your new finds.. Thanks, Donette


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