Six New Design Trends For 2014

When I saw this list, I was taken right back to the seventies. 

1. Macrame is in again. 

2. Shades of blue. I've always loved blue, so this is a no-brainer for me.

3. Sun-kissed wood: lighter grain colors.

4. Moody walls. Walls painted gray, navy or black.

5. Open shelving. Well, I've always been a fan of open shelving.

6. Cowhide furniture. Expect to see cowhide furniture as a design element on furniture.

Which ones are you most shocked by? And which ones do you like?

I was a teenager when macrame was "in" before. But if you're young and missed the whole seventies thing, then by all means buy some orange shag carpeting and learn to macrame. 

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  1. There's no way I'll bring back macrame. Also showing how out of the loop I am, I don't like cowhide stuff...not even the rugs that are the rage right now.

  2. I don't normally follow design trends, but macrame, cowhide furniture, and moody walls will not be showing up in my house!

  3. Macrame??? No way. Same for cowhide. I think I am of an age that remembers their first trip through trendy so it just feels dated. Geesh, what's next?? I will draw the line at avocado and burnt orange appliances!!!! Lol!!!!

  4. Too much dust for macrame as far as
    I am concerned.

  5. umm Navy blue maybe a little bit-- the rest no no no lol

  6. I used to macrame in the 70's but don't remember a thing about it now. Years ago a friend gave me an old hardcover book with macrame projects. Perhaps I should dig it out and see if I can come up with anything. :) Best wishes,Tammy

  7. Although I've never been a big fan of jumping on the cow hide, macrame bandwagon...or any other trends to be honest, I do appreciate your showing us what's out there. Here I am desperately trying to say something nice about the been there done that, dusted it off for too long trends that the designers are trying desperately to make us think are fresh and new.

    You should see the stuff I can't leave in the comment...hmmm I'm thinking I am not a fan of the "new styles."


  8. Macrame. You're fooling with us...!
    Aren't you....please...

  9. Eeeek, the 70's! Think I'll stick to buying what I like. I usually don't buy because something is "in".
    -Lynn :)

  10. Well, I do love blue. 'nuff said :)

  11. way! I don't really follow design trends. I decorate to please myself...

  12. I grew up in the 70's and remember macrame well. I have to say I'm not a fan though. It seems to retro for me. Isn't blue the new Pantone color for 2014? I thought I read that somewhere. Not a fan of cowhide. Too western looking to me. Don't care for moody walls either. Too dark. Guess I'm not following the trends too well huh? I do like the weathered wood trend though. I think. Lol!

  13. I might have been surprised to read of these trends, except that this every afternoon I saw a young woman dressed in an outfit that was straight out of the '70s, except I could tell it was brand new. She had on a crocheted cloche hat with a flower on the side, a navy blue coat trimmed in fake sheepskin, a mini skirt, opaque tights, and leather knee high boots with the thick cuffs of knitted leg warmers showing at the tops of the boots. I thought, that was me in college in the '70s.

    So now I'm reading here that macramé and all the other stuff is going along with it. I won't be adding any macramé, cowhide, or dark walls to my home. I had to do some macramé projects in art class, and I just couldn't find much beauty in it. When I think cowhide, I think black flies and swishing tails. And I need lightness and sunshine in my rooms, not darkness.

    Blue is all over the place in my house, in decorative items. And I'm fine with light-colored wood. Open shelving can be very attractive, and it seems like that's been popular for years.

    Thanks for the heads up on these trends, Brenda.

  14. I'm not going to say I won't ever bring those things into my home, because when you see them in a new way, they somehow become appealing again. Just look what's happened with owls!! As for wall-to-wall shag carpet, that I can live without!

  15. I am probably surprised about the cow hide furniture. I remember learning to macrame, I think I would try it again. No thanks on the shag carpet. But yes, on the blue, it's always been one of my favorite colors.


  16. I almost hate admit this...but I love macrame...just a little! Yes, to the navy...but not on my walls. What is sun-kissed wood? And a big no to cowhide anything! Guess I am definitely n.o.t. a trendsetter! ;)

  17. I had a beautiful macrame owl in the 70's. I had it on my wall till my divorce. Think they sold it in a garage sale. This macrame is beautiful you are showing. Gorgeous. Thanks for share. Hope it does come back.

  18. My house had dark paneling, bright orange custom drapes, bright orange counter tops and dark cabinets. It was beautiful. Even one of those orange wood stoves!!! I did love it cause i love orange. My kitchen theme now is pumpkins. No cowhide. Maybe in a cabin somewhere.

  19. I too kind of like macrame! Liked it in the 70's also! I started collecting owls before they became the rage. Thanks for sharing Brenda! The couple that lives next door are both 27 and have a huge cow rug in their family room. Maybe it is for a younger crowd!

  20. Macrame, wow! I feel old because I did lots of macrame. I might have a macrame black silk cord hanging packed away. It was pretty. If I find it, I might hang it up for old times sake. Or I'm might have sold it at a yard sale in a fit of "why am I hanging onto this?" Time will tell as I unpack boxes. I can't see it really taking off, but who knows? That loop? jewelry is such a fad with young people right now.

  21. I love hearing about design trends too just because everything about decorating interests me. I've always had blue in my home since forever and I have quite a few pieces of light pine furniture that I adore. I've thought of painting my walls black at one time, I've considered a cowhide rug, but macramé is not something I would consider!


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