Snow & The Missing

It is snowing. The flakes are now blowing horizontally in the Oklahoma wind. Spiraling through the air like parachute jumpers floating down to earth.

I'm not stepping out onto the front porch, but this is the view across the street to the left. Seems each year it snows and ices more, though this is just my third winter. Florida sounds really good right now.

This is the frost on the storm door. If you use your imagination, you can almost see trees in a forest. Their winter branches nearly bare, in a snow storm.

I have projects I want to do this year. One is a non-fiction book on missing people of all ages. I've wanted to do this for a long time. Why not now? 

I would gather information from the people who write to me about them, do some research on their disappearance, and fill in the blanks to leave their footprints on this earth until the path seems to inexplicably end. 

A reader is giving me the first story, about her missing brother, gone for 15 years. I need more accounts. So if you know of someone, a neighbor, a friend, a relative, who simply vanished and their whereabouts are unknown, and you'd like to tell me their story, please contact me. 

I believe that every person who walks on this earth deserves a beginning and an end. And if there is no end to tell, then they deserve to at least be acknowledged. Their lives made real through memories of others. And compiled into a retelling of their life through my words.

If you can help me with this project, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Although the frost on your storm door looks like a beautiful piece of lace....we also know what the 'price' of such a phenomena is! We are bracing for the 'polar vortex' here in Ohio and looking to apply heat tape to basement water lines. I guess there is nothing we can do to avoid the storm AND I do have a library copy of Sycamore Row so it's tea time tomorrow and probably Tuesday!!! Stay warm and safe.....................

  2. Brenda, that is some snow...and yes I can see the forest, and the trees, it's gorgeous.

    There is something especially sad about missing people that are never found...we've been seeing so many stories on the news lately about missing young men in Vancouver. They just recently found another body of a young man who disappeared a few years ago on Christmas eve. Now at least, his family has closure, sad closure, but at least they know where he is. And there is a English young man now considered to be a recovery....he went hiking on the mountains in bad weather, and didn't turn back...they have been searching for him for months.

    Not to mention the feet in the shoes that keep washing up on the shore of Vancouver. Mismatched, many to be that is a mystery that is keeping the news going.


  3. Beautiful winter photos, Brenda! Your project sounds very worthwhile and full of real purpose...

  4. Your front door scenery looks very similar to mine! Clever idea with the missing persons book, it is always perplexing when people go missing, vanish out of thin air. Would love to read this book your putting together. Again, clever idea Brenda!

  5. Your pictures of winter are wonderful, especially the frost on the storm door! Very artistic.

    Using your special writing talents to give an ending to the missing is a very noble undertaking. Brenda, you are awesome...

  6. I would love to read this book too.

  7. Sounds like a book that needs to be written. I was watching episodes of "Disappeared" online the other day. I feel for the families who live never having closure. My own brother went missing for 3 years. It was terrible. At holidays we would eat fast, because we knew at any moment my mother would start crying. My brother was lost in his world of drug addiction but called home after 3 and a half years. I cannot begin to imagine had he never come home again.

    One story that is intriguing is the story of Patti Adkins. She disappeared in 2001 after leaving her shift at the Ohio Honda plant, on a planned trip to Canada with a married co-worker. She literally vanished off the face of the earth and while the police have a suspect, they are waiting on more advanced DNA to test a tiny blood sample found in the co-workers truck. It is a heartbreaking story.

    There are countless other stories, and each one deserves to be heard.

    1. One more missing person story that really stayed with me is that of Michael "Bradyn" Fuksa. He literally vanished off the face of the earth. It is just bewildering.

      I hope your book comes to fruition.

  8. I've just seen the terrible weather you are experiencing on the news. We still have the high winds and flooding and I am seriously thinking of getting a boat to get to work tomorrow :-) Your book project is an amazing idea and makes sure people are not forgotten. Good luck with this x

  9. I agree. The story needs to be written. I think you would do a good job and I hope you get enough responses to complete your book.

  10. I'm a Georgia girl and I long for a true Winter and snow.


  11. Brenda, snow is always so beautiful and cleansing, but also troublesome sometimes too. I live in central Oregon and we usually have snow on the ground all winter! This year it is different and it has only snowed once... but still patches of it here and there. Another storm is coming though, so our world will be white again.

    We have a mystery here in Portland, Oregon of a missing little boy. His name is Kyron Horman. You can look up his name on the internet and find tons of information on him. This is such a huge mystery as to what happened to him. He disappeared from his school in June of 2011, never to be seen again. Extensive searches have gone on, and supposedly, the police have leads but nothing happens in the case. I pray for him every day and wonder where that sweet little boy is. He was only 6 I think when he disappeared. There is a Facebook page (or several) on Missing Kyron Horman.

    Your book sounds like a wonderful idea, as it is so very sad when a person disappears and is long forgotten by most people.

  12. I love the writings of Ann Rule and I know you must be familiar with her. I'm sensing something like that coming from you. I had a niece disappear for a year, but was off on an adventure and sowing her oats, if you will. Fortunately for the family it had a happy ending. These people and their families deserve the dignity and respect to know what happened to their loved ones. For some people greed overcomes them and they go off only to continue it in other low life endeavors, some become so overwhelmed with life that escape is their only answer, other end tragically. I would love to see you write a book and have it published!

  13. I love the beauty of frost on our windows, even though it just means they're not energy efficient and our heat is literally going right out the windows!

    Your project sounds like a wonderful avenue for your writing skills, Brenda. I don't personally know of anybody who's gone missing and hope I never do. I can't imagine what the families that are left behind go through.

  14. Yes I can see the forest in the ice. Absolutely.

    You definitely should write that book. Luckily, I don't know anyone but it shouldn't be that hard to Google and find people near you who've gone missing.

  15. Brenda, what a great project! I don't know anyone that disappeared but hope you get enough stories for a book. You are such a great writer. We are cold here, but no snow!

  16. Snow is beautiful, from a distance at least. Stay warm and good luck with your book project. Sounds like a good one.

  17. The snow outside is pretty! I don't know anyone who is missing (thank goodness). Your book sounds like an interesting one. Maybe it will bring comfort to others who are experiencing it themselves.

  18. Brenda this is something that interests you greatly and involves you emotionally, and I think that it may be a wonderful book in the end ...!!

  19. What a great project. Yes, everyone deserves and beginning and an end. I think the families of those lost would take pride in knowing their loved one's story was in printed words. And who knows, maybe it will help to recover some that can't find their way back home. Just like today on the news about the photographer capturing the photo of the young man that has been missing for a few days. My son's biological sister's adopted father was missing for 6 weeks. He was found but had been murdered. I felt so bad for his family not knowing. I don't know how a person could come to terms with not knowing if they went away on their own or something had happened.
    Cold, snowy and icy here. Be careful and stay inside if you can. we don't need any more injuries do we?

  20. That book has your name written all over it. A labor of love.

    I imagine nothing is worse than a child missing and never to know what happened. I think it would be impossible to ever have peace after that.

  21. Until you moved to Oklahoma, I really never knew that it snowed there! lol! My geography is poor. We have snow drifts as high as I am tall. And it's currently 15 below. And that;s ALL people are talking about!

    I wish you all the best with your book. I think it's going to be very interesting.


  22. A Scottish writer, Andrew O'Hagan, wrote a book called "The Missing" about lost souls. Many of those he featured were murder victims, but also those who had disappeared without trace. You may find this a sad and interesting read, Brenda. Like you, Andrew O'Hagan felt that all the victims deserved to be remembered - especially those from dysfunctional backgrounds who had been "killable" (a quote from a traumatized policeman at the trial of Rosemary West, who with her husband, Fred, was an infamous serial killer) and not heard of again.

    I think you are just the person to write such a book with your empathy and compassion for vulnerable people.


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