Sunny And Warm Today, Freezing The Next

Today is a beautiful sunny day with bright blue skies. The weather is drastically changing. From 72 right now to 17 tomorrow.

I was able to get some bird shots today, which always makes me happy. I saw a male cardinal, but didn't get outside in time to get a photo. I've been looking for him all day. No show.

But this blue jay, looking a bit pensive, is staying still enough for me. I thanked him for that.

Poor Charlie missed the action on this squirrel. I don't know how that happened. He's usually Deputy Dog about those squirrels. Diva Abi of course ignores them.

And Abi, posing for the camera. See, she's grown out a bit. Doesn't look quite as bad as when I took the pupster scissors to her last week.

These two sparrows seem to be having a serious talk of some kind. Wonder what it is. Maybe they're breaking up. Maybe they're making up. 

A robin I just couldn't get a good shot of. I tried many times to get a photo of the woodpecker below. Had to scrap all but one. And I'm not over the moon for this one. Just couldn't get a good angle.

This has to be a different blue jay. Doesn't look anything like the other one.

I'm just glad the dogs and I got some time in the bright sunshine. Because tomorrow we'll be trying to stay warm.

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  1. beautiful photographs as alwaysl Brenda .... nice to have a little sunshine and warmth. I am sure the birdies are happy to be visiting..... and I so enjoy your lens capturing their little forays... very cold, grey and snowing today here in Toronto...

  2. Wonderful photography, Brenda! I really love the bird photos. We don't see many birds in the winter. Also, adore seeing your precious pupsters. So darling!

    .I'm so happy that you and the dogs had a chance to enjoy a beautiful day outside. Hope it helps make the upcoming cold days more bearable. Please stay warm...

  3. Isn't it amazing the difference in the weather from just one day to the next! Enjoyed your photos Brenda...

  4. Love the birds! It's cold and snowy here in Ontario today, there are not too many birds in site!

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  5. You have such insight when blogging. I cannot miss reading it daily. I feel like I could walk right in and be right at home. Your pictures are amazing. I can never seem to get close up, in focus, photos of birds as you do. You are loved for the way you share and reach out. Hope you a great week. Sprinv is on its way! God Bless you Brenda for bringing joy and happiness to your readers. Love your pups!

  6. Oh, how I wish I could have a 72 degree day here in Va. Just one day would do it for me.. It's supposed to be down to 17 on Tuesday..
    Your birds are so interesting.. I've had juncos, doves, cardinals, sparrows, wrens and squirrels at my birdfeeders and on the ground where I throw seed. I saw a huge hawk sitting on my fence last week.. I made sure I frightened him away from my little birds and squirrels.. I think he was searching for a meal too.
    Abi and Charlie are so cute. You could never do too much damage when giving them a new hair do.
    Stay warm and enjoy some comfort food !
    Charlotte in Virginia

  7. 72? That is warmer than we are in the south. This winter weather is crazy this year. We were 52 today and by Tuesday it will be 34 and a chance of a wintry mix. Next weekend in the mid sixties and rain. Go figure.

  8. I am so jealous...72?! I've forgotten what that feels like! And what a crazy drop - 72 to 17. Tomorrow and Tues. are going to be frigidly cold here again with wind chills up to -45. :-(

  9. Great bird photo ( and squirrel). I enjoy gazing out my window to catch a peep or two of the birds that visit. I love when the cardinals make their appearance.

    Charlie and Abi are adorable.

    Stay warm


  10. Wow, that is a huge temperature drop! It is going to be -23 (actual temp) here tomorrow...and it is blizzarding outside, too. There were lots of birds at the feeders today getting ready for what's hitting us now. Great photos, Brenda...stay warm!

  11. Beautiful pics, Brenda - pop on over to see what MY weather is like. I posted a fun one today.

    We could use some blue skies and sunshine for sure.

  12. Those bird pics are wonderful, I love the Blue Jay. My Semper used to monitor the movements of the squirrels when we lived in the mobile, they would sit in the trees and taunt him! Now that we are in the house he can't see them anymore, poor guy, I think he misses all the action. Abi and Charlie are just as cute as they can be, do they let you put doggie coats on them at all? My Semper won't leave them on. Here's hoping Spring will come quickly this year, fingers crossed.

  13. Oh Brenda, I am so tired of the weather, here in T-town. I'm ready for mornings of sitting on the porch listening to the birds sing. I am also a bird lover. I could watch them all day. You photos are beautiful. What camera do you use?

    Grace & Peace

  14. Those are all great shots, even the woodpecker. I can't believe it was 72 and dropping so much. We don't have those kind of swings here in NJ. Glad you got to enjoy a warm day.

  15. Your photos are beautiful. We've been feeding the birds and having lots of traffic around here. The red tail hawks are keeping us company, we love them. :)

  16. We had a nice warm day here, but oh the wind right now! I guess it is ushering in arctic temps again. Love your bird shots. I can't seem to get good ones of mine lately. The little stinkers won't stay still long enough.

  17. Gorgeous bird shots. Love that blue sky behind them.

    We've been hanging out in San Antonio this week. Our weather has been crazy all over the map, as well. Below freezing two days ago, to 77 today, back down to 27 tomorrow night.

    Stay warm!

  18. I love bird watching. To me, they are all so graceful and beautiful. You are so talented Brenda! Stay warm tomorrow.

  19. I love all the sweet bird shots and the pupsters too...stay warm! :)

  20. I would love a day of 70, we hit 50 yesterday and I was thrilled. It melted most of our snow,but like you the cold is returning today. We have already hit our high of 21 for the day. I can't seem to muster up the desire to get out and take photos. xo Laura

  21. Good Morning Brenda, Yes, we are trying to stay warm today with temps in the low 30's and wind at 40mph. Makes it feel much colder. Yesterday was 74 degrees and today freezing. We are all over the thermometer!
    Love your wonderful photos. You are so talented with your camera!!
    Stay warm. Hugs

  22. Yeah, we were 79 today and then back in the freezer again tomorrow. Sweet birdie and pup pics.

  23. Ah, 72 degrees sounds heavenly! We are having a decent weather today too, but expecting the cold temps to roll in soon. You have such a knack for getting good bird pics around your house. I just refilled the bird feeders today so maybe some birds will fly my way.

  24. Love all your birds and flowers pictures!!! Isn't nature amazing?


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