Sweet Blue Bird Notes

Koralee, who blogs at Blue Bird Notes, lives in Canada. She's been blogging for years, and now has a book out. Called "Everything Goes With Ice Cream."

Does this tell you much about this blogger yet?

She seeks pretty things, loves the color pink, and writes words of wisdom on her photos.

And makes ice cream pizzas.

Koralee is a fun soul. I imagine she dreams in color. That in her dreams clouds are not white, but swaths of pink confections. 

She faithfully fills the day with happy thoughts.

Very berry pin cushions.

Felt ice cream cones.

Heart shaped strawberries.

She seems to always see the sunny side of life.

And reminds you to love it along with her. In all its ups and downs, and ins and outs. Because no matter what happens, you can always end the day with ice cream.

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  1. Another fun blog to explore! I love her collection of dishware. The floral patterns are very pretty. Her positive attitude toward life is wonderful!

    I think I'll end my day with ice cream...

  2. You are so sweet...thank you for featuring me. I am so honored and blessed! xoxo


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