The Country Farm Home

I was born and raised in a small farming town in the Northeast Arkansas Delta. My "Daddy" was a cotton farmer and managed a cotton gin. I spent many summers playing in the barns and buildings of the farm complex, where I now live with my Virgina born husband and a cat named Boo.

Where it looks like you've stepped into the past.

Into a cozy kitchen.

With a crackling fire.

And the lady of the house is perhaps getting ready to make an apple pie for after supper.

And in her spare time, appliques felt pretties.
Cotton has been picked in the field.
And there is yeasty smelling dough rising with a cloth laid over it. So there will be bread in the house. 

 A time when cards sent in the mail were kept and cherished.
And when neighbors come to call, there will be tea to drink together. In another place in time.

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  1. What a pretty kitchen! I love that stove!

  2. I keep my cards, especially from family. Some I recycle, I made oatmeal cookies yesterday and they came out pretty good. I can feel the sun in that kitchen.

  3. Thank you! I really enjoyed this 'step back in time'! I absolutely love the old-fashioned kitchen...


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