The Joy Of Quilting

A reader asked me to talk about my quilts. I haven't quilted in some time. I had a car accident some years back and had to have thumb and wrist surgery. So arthritis has kept me from quilting, though I dearly loved it.

I didn't make the second one from the bottom in the above photo. But I hand sewed and hand quilted almost all my quilts. I did some applique as well. Some I just tied, as you can see from the top photo.

There are others I've made but I won't add them today.

Quilting is a very soothing hobby. One you can pick up and just set back down in your chair while you get a cup of coffee or something. Listen to the radio or a TV show.

The quilting stitch, once you get the hang of it, is really easy. Of course your aim is to make the stitches as small and as close together as possible. 

I use to go to a quilting group at a church when I lived in Central Texas long ago. That was a wonderful time to catch up on news about the other ladies, and the older ladies taught the younger ladies about quilting and life while we were gathered around the quilt frame. It makes it easier to talk about some things when your eyes are on your hands stitching.

I rarely put my quilts that I put so much time in to on the beds or couch, due to the dogs. I usually just buy those from Penneys or somewhere cheap. 

If you have quilts folded up, you need to bring them out and refold them from time to time so that the fabric does not weaken at the folded area. 

If you like a nice quiet meditative hobby, take up quilting. You will have quilts to hand down to relatives. And you will so enjoy seeing your accomplishments hanging on the wall, as I have several, or in a place where you can enjoy them.

I made this little yo-yo pillow during my quilting days. It has held up really well and I probably made it over 20 years ago. 

If you want to get into quilting, I advise you go to a quilting shop and talk to some of the ladies. I use to be in hog heaven every time I had the opportunity to go to a quilt shop!

And now with the internet there are lots of ladies to meet who enjoy this old-fashioned hobby.

(I'll be back this afternoon to put up the Tweak It link.)

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  1. I'm so very sorry you can't quilt anymore, because of arthritis. The same thing is true of me. I truly treasure the memories of my time spent creating quilts.

    Your quilts are absolutely gorgeous! I'm in love with them all! The pillow is exquisite! A special thank you for sharing your works of art...

  2. Your quilts are just beautiful, Brenda. What a shame that arthritis has robbed you of the pure pleasure of hand quilting. I quilted quite a bit at one time in my life but haven't touched it in years. Yours are much better than mine ever were though. I LOVE going to the quilting shows they have around here once in a while. Some of the quilts are truly AMAZING! xo Diana

  3. All of your quilts are beautiful.

    I love to quilt both by hand and machine, but I haven't had space lately. Hopefully that will be changing soon.

    Thanks for the tip about folded quilts. I will unroll or unfold all my quilts and give them a breather.

  4. You've done a great job using your quilts to brighten up your home! I live in very "quilt rich" environment with lots of quilters and shops to fulfill their needs. In fact, just before the holidays many stores got together to sponsor a shop hop--and it sure looked like a lot of fun (even for a non-quilter like me!). In August (the first weekend I believe) many church ladies donate quilts to the Kidron Mennonite Relief Sale--all proceeds of a two-day long quilt auction are raised for mission's work. I attended once and was amazed at the array of patterns and colors. Plus the food was GREAT!!! So.....ladies.....mark your calendars for an Ohio road trip this summer and experience "Amish country" as well as quilt festival event!

    1. Thank you. I will look for this event.

  5. I've always loved your quilts. I have a few old ones, a great one of butterflies I picked up in Cotton Plant, Arkansas one time! And a beautiful Amish wedding ring I love.

  6. I always wanted to quilt, but never found the time. I did do a lot of needle work when I was younger. Like you, I don't think my arthritis would allow me to do it now. I guess I waited to long. I do have some pretty quilts, though. xo Laura

  7. Hi Brenda. I love your quilts and I'm sorry you're not able to make any more. My mother was a quilter, mainly just simple ones, but she made so many and gave away so many. I inherited a bunch of them and cherish them.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Your quilts are beautiful! Learning to quilt is one of my goals for this year-just as soon as I get my sewing room squared away. Of course, this will involve organizing the "catch-all" room upstairs-another goal for this year and one I'd better get about doing!

  9. Beautiful quilts Brenda and such a shame that you can't carry on. I aim to make 2014 the year that I learn quilting as I have always wanted to do this and have made feeble attempts in the past. I will do as you say and visit a quilting shop to have a chat with them. Have a great week. Chel x

  10. I adore your quilts, Brenda, and I am so proud of you for making them.



  11. Brenda, My Mom use to quilt and has some lovely one's to share with me. Your quilts are wonderful.

  12. Your quilts are beautiful! I've never made a full size quilt, but it's on my bucket list when I retire. If I retire. :)

  13. All your quilts are beauties. Im a quilter. Fixing to get started back. Ordered some jelly rolls. They came in today. you still have your decoupoge lol for spelling... the red school desk?

  14. Hi Brenda, your quilts are beautiful. Truly a wonderful art form and something I have not yet added to my list of mediums, but I would love to learn.
    Have a great day and stay warm.

  15. I love making quilts too. I love the colors and the sewing of it especially the hand sewing. So sorry that you aren't able todo it anymore. The quilts you made are just wonderful

  16. I love old fashioned quilts and yours are beautiful my friend. I've never learned to quilt but I always say...some day! The closest store to my house is a quilt shop! I'm sure I would become addicted if I ever started! I'm sewing an easy project today....that is taking forever! lol Stay warm!

  17. I've never "quilted" but they sure look cozy!


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