The Many Looks Of Kitchen Islands

 A utilitarian, industrial island look.

This one is interesting. Love the contrasting green.

Here's what it looks like underneath.

The cottage look.

Interesting choice of bar stools with this island.

The antique piece used as island look.

The farmhouse look. Love the floors.

Kitschy eclectic.

Bold colors make a statement.

Ultra modern.

Interesting. Who said an island had to be in the center?

The desk turned island look.

Which is your favorite?

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  1. What a wonderful collection of kitchen islands! I guess the practical side of me prefers an island with seating and storage. Like the cottage look. I love the wood counter top and the bead board. I would definitely choose different stools, in red!

  2. I like the turquoise blue one. It has everything: seating space, storage space and working counter tops! They are all wonderful! I have the smallest kitchen ever, there is no room for one of these!

  3. What is nice about these islands is that each seems to suit its particular kitchen.

  4. Funny ... just today I was thinking of giving our kitchen island a makeover! Thanks for this post ... I love a lot of the islands you featured!

  5. I love the cottage look. I also like the idea of using an old buffet or whatever they're called for an island, too. Storage space is important to me, so just a table without drawers and shelves wouldn't work for me. The island we have now belongs to my daughter, who brought it home when her marriage ended, and is not what I'd choose, but it does the job and has needed storage.

  6. Wow, it's absolutely gorgeous! I love all of the bright pops of color throughout the holiday decor!! Lovely space! Your arrangements are lovely! You always bring such grace & beauty to the world. Wishing you a wonderful. wonderful kitchen

  7. They are all gorgeous! I love the small island that's not in the center.


  8. I like every one with the exception of that turquoise but I'll vote for Kitschy eclectic. as my favorite! :)

  9. I really need storage space and more counter top space too. I love the kitchen with the buffet and the green kitchen with the big table also.
    I'm still wishing for a window over my sink too. What do they say about "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride" ?Charlotte in Virginia

  10. I love the antique piece, but can't imaging having something that gorgeous in a working kitchen. My kitchen is definitely too small for an island right now. xo Laura

  11. Overall, I like the kitchy eclectic and the ultra modern, but they're all nice. For me, an island needs some seating, or you lose some of the practicality and function.

  12. I like the buffet turned island one! Thanks for sharing

  13. Hands down, the antique piece. Gorgeous!
    Happy Sunday, Brenda.

  14. I like the one with the antique buffet as an island -- cool blue stove, too. I also really like black and white check floors -- did that in my last house. There are elements on nearly all of these I like. I think the best thing is none of these are the cookie cutter look.

  15. The last one hands down. My next favorite is the one with the stainless stools. Some good picks to choose from. Does the winner get a kitchen makeover hah. Thanks for making a snowed in day better.

  16. As I scrolled through I looked for a favorite. Bingo. The last one. I love the shape of the entire kitchen and all the sweet details.


  17. I do love the Cottage look, so I would choose #5, I believe it is. All are lovely!

  18. I'd love to have a kitchen large enough for one of these kitchen islands!

  19. Thank you for so much inspiration: I drew in the vibe of those kitchens, because I won't have an island: my cottage kitchen is too small for that!


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