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A video clip of The Cypress Agency, tonight's episode...

Official Synopsis of "The Blacklist" Episode 13, "The Cyprus Agency": "After a recent spate of abductions of babies from their mothers, Red informs Liz that the "Cyprus Agency" is the illegal adoption organization responsible. Coincidentally, Liz and Tom contemplate adoption of their own which fuels Liz to track down the organizations CEO, Owen Mallory (guest star, Campbell Scott).


Credit: NBC Universal
The Blacklist is one of the most exciting new shows airing this fall, and one of the main reasons for that is star James Spader. 

On the NBC series, James plays Raymond Reddington, a wanted fugitive who turns himself into the FBI: on more conditions than we have time for right now. 

While we don’t know a lot about the criminal he plays, we’ve rounded up five interesting facts for you about the man behind the mystery.

1. He prefers the name “Jimmy.” James Spader often plays some pretty cold, calculating, sleazy characters, so imagining that he would prefer the name Jimmy is strangely amusing to us. But it’s true, should you run into the actor in a dark alley, make sure you use his nickname. Or else.

2. He doesn’t really like television. Though Jimmy has played some long-running characters on shows like The Practice, Boston Legal, The Office, and now The Blacklist, he admitted in a recent interview that he doesn’t really watch TV. "I've never been a big TV watcher,” he explains about going into the job. But despite that fact, he really enjoys not knowing what’s going to happen next on his own show, since scripts roll in one at a time.

3. He had to shave his head for the role of Red. Before stepping into the FBI offices, James was rolling with some long locks. But when he was getting into character, he decided that Reddington should be largely bald, so he shaved his head! “He’s someone who has to travel lightly and move swiftly, and it seemed eminently practical for him,” the actor explains of his reasoning.

4. He’s been acting for longer than his co-star has been alive. Co-star Megan Boone, who plays FBI profiler and Red’s sometimes partner Elizabeth Keene, is a mere 30 years old. Jimmy, on the other hand, has been appearing on television and in movies since 1978 (35 years). He got his first big movie break in Endless Love, starring as Brooke Shields’s brother in the 1981 film.

5. He won’t watch his own movies. James is often quoted as saying that although he enjoys working on all the movies he’s been in — and there are many — he won’t watch them. That’s fine, Jimmy, we’ve got you covered!


 Liz & Tom

Things do not bode well for Liz and Tom's relationship. The abduction of babies is part of an illegal adoption racket. Liz and Tom might be adopting one such baby. This realization will make Liz speed up her search for the CEO of Cyprus Agency. 

There is a possibility that Red dropped the name of Cyprus Agency, as the next on The Blacklist, to prevent Liz from adopting a stolen baby.


Tonight's episode is the last one before the Olympics. There is purportedly a new episode February 24.

Beyond The Black List Video (this ties up a few loose ends...)

(I'll be back this afternoon with Tweak It Tuesday)

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  1. Thanks for sharing the info about James Spader. I loved it! Such a unique individual! I would enjoy seeing his earliest movies.

    I'll definitely miss the show over the Olympics break. Maybe tonight's episode will have a cliffhanger? Looking forward to finding out!

  2. After reading about The Blacklist on your blog, I told my husband about it and we started watching it. Great show and James Spader is excellent. I always remember him as the jerky rich kid in the movie Pretty in Pink.

  3. And withdrawals are setting in already. Such a great show! Hm, do you think Tom has anything to do w/this agency? His part is still very much a mystery!

  4. LOVE this show!! Along with The Following and anxiously waiting for the return of Hannibal!!


  5. You know what a huge fan of this show I am!! Can't wait for tonight's episode. I will miss it while on break for the Olympics! Sigh!!!

  6. Got it ready to tape- or whatever it does:) and the Following too. I watched a marathon of that over the weekend and got hooked..

    I enjoy some of the Olympics but wont watch it all.. I have a really bad feeling about it anyway.. I hate it when I get a feeling and cant rationalize my way out of it. Hoping security is super tight there.

  7. Oh, I love everything you featured.

    I am so behind with vacation - I don't have anything to post.

  8. What a totally unexpected ending! I LOVE this show!!

  9. Interestingly, in recent years he has preferred the name James over Jimmy. When Bill Shatner asked him if he preferred being called by a nickname he told him the name was James. All of his more recent friends from The Practice, Boston Legal, the play RACE, all call him James. It appears only old friends and family now call him Jimmy.


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