Top Trending Colors For 2014




Dazzling Blue

Paloma Gray

Radiant Orchid

Come on over to Color My Decor and see where we've traveled today. Here's a sneak peek...

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  1. Glad to see the bright colors, since I'm a color girl.
    Mary Alice

  2. Thank you for sharing such beautiful images. I really love all the color! So vivid and lively...

  3. Sand is my fav......ok I guess it is because it is close to a natural color like I like. LOL

  4. They are beautiful and bright, I love the grey, it's especially nice. I can't say I especially like the ceyenne or the orchid.

  5. I wished we had reversed the colors in our bedroom and livingroom. My Hubby is the one who suggested warm colors for our livingroom and don't get me wrong. I love it. I just think it would have been nice to have the warm colors in our bedroom and the cooling blues in the livingroom. I think when we decorate next time I am going to switch the colors than and reuse things in each room. Of course that will not be for another 5 years. I don't redecorate that often.

  6. Ok, some yes, but some...NOOOOOOOOO! LOL.

    Wow, I must feel pretty strongly about these colors.. it's funny how strong my reaction is to some of them.


  7. That's a lot of bright. I'm like you and love red, but that's a lot of color!

  8. I'm a neutrals girl, but need a few punches of seasonal color. All white, or sand is too bland and too much color saturation gives me hives. I want to be able to change the seasons easily without a lot of fuss.

  9. Love the grey , freesia and sand. The others not so much, maybe the freesia for my master bedroom makeover! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

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