Turquoise & Red & All Jenny's Colors

Colorful Jenny of AllSorts. I believe this talented girl lives in Dallas.

 She's even got a dotty refrigerator!
A living space for Jenny.
 And her coffee table.
 She beckons you to sit with her alphabet blocks.
Would you like to step inside her studio? Lets.
 Love the natural light coming in the window. Her studio, like Jenny, is fanciful.
  Wouldn't you be most color-happy in this space? I would.
Thank you for letting us inside your studio, Jenny. (She didn't even know we were there. Let's tiptoe out.)

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  1. There's so much 'wonderfulness' to comment on! I love the red and white, and red and blue color combinations. The quilt is quite fabulous! All the patterns and colors are a feast for the eyes. Her studio is a wonderful space.

    Thanks for sharing this very creative blog...

  2. I didn't realize Jenny was still blogging! I have been to her home, several of us did a Christmas tour of each other's homes a few years back. It's everything you see in the photos and even better in person! You would just love it. And she is just as sweet and welcoming and warm as her home appears. So glad you featured her, I'll have to pop in and say hi to her once again.

  3. Sigh. I've visited these posts before, but I'd forgotten how warm and cozy and FUN her home is!


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