Using Color For Accents

 Many of us like to have a neutral backdrop in our homes. Whether it be the walls or the furniture. And then add color in accents. That is easily interchangeable and fun. 

This blog is Sylvia - Home & Inspiration. I could be wrong, but I believe she is from Germany.

This is a great idea to use white candles and then surround them with whatever flowers are in season.

I love the way she uses jute to tie a cherry onto the white glass.

I've layered beans and peas when surrounding a candle. But this one is new to me and very clever. What looks like sand, then sunflower seeds, then cherries! I guess the sky is the limit on what you could layer.

This one centers around lavender in the vignettes. Lilac and purple candles. A pot of lavender, and an enlarged photograph. Looks wonderful against the white.

I like the addition of the fall leaf. It really makes a statement.

Do you like to use lots of color in your decor? Or would you rather have a neutral backdrop and layer color as accessories?

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  1. I'm really excited! Another new blog to explore! So many wonderful, creative ideas.

    All my walls are painted a color. My furniture is neutral. I definitely love to add lots of color through accessories. Sort of a layered look.

  2. I really enjoyed my visit here today. The ideas presented seem simple, but are so creative. We now are living in a rental property with all of the walls painted a vanilla shade of white. I like it (except for the fact that it's a pretty sloppy paint job). My pictures and shelf displays do show up nicely against the white. On the other hand, we used color on the walls of our previous home, and I did enjoy coming up with ideas for decorations based on the wall colors.

  3. I love your new blog here. I plan on doing so more decorating in the home and yard this year and you have been giving me some great ideas.


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