Welcome Wagon Friday 1/3/14

Well, it's the first Welcome Wagon of the new year, 2014, my friends!

Up for you this week I have...

Love the angle of the photo above.

Now this is in the UK, so maybe things are much different there in terms of wildlife being out amongst folks. But above you see a deer, and below some sheep along the path.

Isn't that enchanting?

My, doesn't that big loaf of homemade bread look tasty?

And below some preserved mushrooms.

Okay, my wonderful volunteers, please head out to visit. Pack some bags, as you'll be traveling to the UK. Watch for deer and sheep along the way. They may let you pet them. They look pretty docile.

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  1. I am ready to pack my bags......here in Ohio it is -4 degrees and looks to be even colder this weekend! The pics you posted sure look like places I'd LOVE to travel to....especially during these winter months!

    P.S. What a great Christmas floral arrangement with red tulips and evergreens!

  2. Good morning Brenda
    It is so sweet of you to find new blogs each week and give them some exposure. I would have loved that when I first got started and wondered if anyone would ever read my posts. It must be time consuming to look for them.
    Hope you aren't getting the same cold we are. iI's freezing here in NC!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  3. Thanks so much for the feature :) And Happy New Year :)

  4. Happy New Year my friend!! Are you staying warm and cozy back there?

  5. Yes, Ma'am. Volunteering to head out and visit a few of these gals- xo Diana

  6. Oh I loved all these. The picture of the tree and deer moose in the UK.....the tree with that poor branch that looked so broke the gathered life again and shot on up to the sky! Makes me feel like if a tree branch can make it that surely there is hope for me! More snow coming Brenda....stay warm!

  7. Thanks for featuring me Brenda. With the storms in the UK at the moment I am sure the wildlife at Burghley House has been housed somewhere a lot more warmer and with less trees! Keep safe. Chel x

  8. That deer is magnificent. I live in an area that has lots of trees and I'm always full of awe and wonder when animals venture out into the open with us.

  9. Beautiful photos...I love that you do this!! Going to check her out :)


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