2014 Floral Trends In Decorating

I found this curated board at ProFlowers. It instantly said "me."

I love succulents and sedums. And I especially like to see them mixed, a collage of textures and colors, with other blooming flowers. Vintage or unusual containers, fairy gardens, boxes; all are so perfect for these beautiful mixtures. 

I can just see #2 here at the little blue house. Maybe I'd put some spry little fairy garden gnomes amongst the plants. I'd love the burlap runner (#6) across my table, with the pretty container of flowers (#7) atop it. What a lovely image that would be.

I like the candle  (#3) with the plants. Small bits of succulents and sedums surrounding it. I can see that on my round oak coffee table.

With snow still on the ground outside, I needed this little dose of spring! Oh, blooms just make me smile.

You can visit their flower blog here.

See what is slated to be popular this year. And which curated board best fits your decorating style. You know Radiant Orchid is on that list!

I see they have various orchids. So I'm going back to see which one would best fit my group of indoor plants.

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  1. I will head over to check that out. I love the ones using unusual containers and I love the one of the girl holding the flowers in front of her,too. xo Diana

  2. That burlap runner is awesome! If I ever get married (which won't happen! LOL) I'd love a country wedding with lots of burlap!

  3. All of these pictures are so beautiful! Really enjoyed seeing them. I would absolutely love #2! There's a perfect place for it in my house. Also, the pretty burlap runner!

    Wishing you a warm and wonderful day snuggling with your special valentines, Abi and Charlie.

    Thinking of you...

  4. I tried to make a little arrangement of succulents the summer before last. They didn't grow much or fill out the way I thought they would and then they died in the house over the winter! Sigh. I may try it again because so many said it was so cool looking!


  5. Love the candle ring. I always love flowers, but the crisp green and white is pretty too. It's what I did at Christmas this year and loved it.


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